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Clear the ring! -An article about the circus

You want to learn more about the circus. Read it up!

A young woman is balancing on a tightrope at a breathtaking height. The spectators cheer and clap. Then wild animals are brought in. Where are we? Sure, of course. In the circus.

How the circus came about

The ancient Romans already knew a type of circus. They watched demonstrations such as gladiator fights in so-called amphitheatres. The most famous of these structures is the Coliseum in Rome. Since these buildings were round in shape, the term circus was later derived from the Latin word circus (circle). In our time, mostly large family businesses move around with caravans and tents. But that's only been the case since the beginning of the 20th century. Before that, the performances had to take place in the open air. Because the circus people only stay in one city for a short time, the circus children have to go to a new school in each city. Now, of course, we are no longer observing brutal gladiator fights in the arenas (this is how the circus stage is called). There are so many different performances that it is impossible to list them all. Tight-rope dancing, acrobatics, clowns, jugglers and feats with animals are just a few examples.

Wild animals in the circus

Most of the time you can see wild animals like rhinos, lions, tigers or elephants in the circus. There are circus domestlers who even sleep in a trailer with lions! Although this is of course very impressive, it is almost impossible to keep and treat these animals appropriately because they have to be kept in special animal caravans. Just like people, they have to move from place to place. Everyone should decide for themselves whether they want to go to a circus with wild animals or not. Personally, I think you can do without something like that, because animals need enough space to have a good life.

How to become a circus performer

Circuses are often large family businesses. But there are also those who seek out the best artists from all over the world in order to be successful. If you are good enough you can also be accepted into acrobatic schools and learn a lot that circus people can do too. In some cities there are circus workshops for children that are great fun.