What is business to start in Hyderabad

09.08.2016 - 07:22

Low carbon city, Halle, Bensheim, London, Hyderabad.

Low carbon city: This is the name of a research project started on August 1st and funded by the BMBF at Aalen University in cooperation with the Überlandzentrale Wörth / I.-Altheim Netz AG (ÜZW). The aim of the project is to develop new business models so that e-cars can be charged anywhere with self-generated green electricity, regardless of the energy provider.
schwaebische.de, hs-aalen.de

E-buses for Halle? Hallesche Verkehrs-AG (Havag) wants to start a pilot project in 2017 with two e-buses that are to be tested on line 21. First, however, we await the recommendations of a study commissioned by the Ministry of Transport on the introduction of e-buses in regular services.

Update from Bensheim: In the Hessian city, which is also a model municipality for Ubitricity charging technology, six of the seven planned electric vehicles have already been purchased. In addition, up to 20 Ubitricity charging points should be operational by the end of 2017.

London locks out stinker buses: Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced his plans for the first ‘Low Emission Bus Zones’, on which only hybrid and diesel buses with Euro 6 are allowed to drive. The first is scheduled to start in February and the second in October 2017. London expects this to reduce NOx emissions from buses on these routes by 84 percent.
businessgreen.com, london.gov.uk

The largest bike sharing in the world is to be built in the Indian city of Hyderabad. Starting in September, 300 sharing stations will be set up at local public transport stations, where 10,000 bicycles and e-bikes are to be made available. It is not known how many of these bikes are used as pedelecs.