What makes an ENFP unique

defender personality

Love only grows by giving love. One can only have more for oneself by sharing it with others.

Brian Tracy

The defender's personality type is unique in some ways, as many of the collective traits can conflict with individual characteristics. Defense lawyers are usually meek but can become contentious when it comes to protecting their family or friends. You are calm and reserved, but have well-developed communication skills and robust social relationships. They strive for security and stability, but can be remarkably open to change, provided they feel understood and respected. Like so many other things, the Defender's personality type is more than the sum of its components. The way they use their strengths defines what they are.

Defenders are true altruists, and respond to kindness with greater kindness and kindness. They work with enthusiasm and generosity for the tasks and the people that are close to their hearts.

This personality type certainly deserves to make up a very large part of the population at almost 13%. Defenders follow established traditions and have a desire to do good. They find themselves in areas with an awareness of their own history, such as medicine, science, and community service.

Defenders, especially the temperamental ones, are often extremely meticulous. Though they put things off, you can always count on them to get their job done on time. Defense lawyers take their responsibilities personally. They do what they can to exceed expectations and bring joy to others, at work and at home.

You have to see us with your own eyes

Defense attorneys must be careful to let others notice their efforts. Defense lawyers tend to understate their achievements. While their kindness is valued by many, cynical and selfish people might take advantage of the dedication and humility of the defenders to shift work on them and then pass that work off as their own merit. To maintain their confidence and commitment, defenders should know when to say no and stand up for themselves.

Strangely enough, although introverted by nature, defenders are very social beings. They use their excellent memory not to store data and trivia, but to remember people and details about their lives. Defenders are very generous with gifts. They use their imagination and natural empathy to express their generosity in a way that touches hearts. This is certainly the case with regard to their peers, whom the defense lawyers often consider personal friends. In their families, however, this form of affection is particularly evident.

Whenever I can, I'll protect you

Defenders are a wonderful personality type. They seldom sit idle while a good cause goes unfinished. Defenders' ability to communicate with others on a human level is unmatched by introverts. Often times, they use their communication skills to maintain a caring, happy family. The joy they gain from this is a gift for everyone involved. Defenders are never comfortable in the spotlight and can feel guilty about taking credit for the team's work. However, when they can ensure that their efforts are recognized, defenders find a sense of satisfaction that people of other personality types can only dream of.