Who is the cutest EXO member?

Special hoomansss # 2

Tao was rumored to have 8 girlfriends at the same time.

Lay and Kris sleep with eye masks on.

Before EXO's debut, Kai was afraid of D.O's stare. He didn't want to eat with the other members at the time because D.O was present.

Chen likes to beat the others. Its victims are mostly Chanyeol or Tao.

Suho believes that men under the age of 30 can still grow.

Luhan likes to show Kai his Derp photos just to be able to imitate his facial expressions. Kai, on the other hand, shows photos of Luhan to people who do not know Luhan and claims that he is his sister.

Chanyeol's nickname "Happy Virus" was invented by his ex-girlfriend.

Lay is calm on stage, but privately the other members call him a hyperactive kid.

When Baekhyun is cold, he wants to sleep in other members' beds.

Luhan's a vicious person, but in a cute way.

Kai is very satisfied with his knowledge of Chinese. Luhan sees it differently and laughs at it because of it. D.O thinks that Kai can speak Chinese very well.

Chanyeol likes to perform dance battles with Kris, while Chen is the judge. But when Kai watches them, he can only sigh and lies on the floor with Luhan because they can't help laughing anymore.

When Tao speaks Korean, Xiumin is the first to understand his words.

Suho is actually strict, but the other K members don't listen to him. The only one who really obeys Suho is D.O.

Kris doesn't like talking about his family.

Lay sometimes forgets to brush his teeth because of EXO's busy schedule.

When Sehun can't sleep, Chen reads him fanfiction.

Tao and Xiumin love anime and K-dramas.

Kai often sleeps, as does Chen.

Baekhyun and Tao have similar personalities. Baekhyun looks tough on the outside, but is quite sensitive on the inside.

Luhan once saw Sehun naked and was so horrified that he cried for days.

Chanyeol is the heaviest at 75 kg, closely followed by Kris and Tao. Luhan weighs less than 60 kg and is therefore the lightest from EXO.

Lay said he would play a sad or tired EXO member on his guitar to cheer them up.

Xiumin is very smart, but also humble.

Kai likes to put his hand on other people's shoulders.

D.O has a strange sense of humor.

Kris said that he calls Luhan "cute little prince" because he thinks Luhan is really cute, cool and manly.

Chanyeol always claims that he is better, bigger and more beautiful than Kris. It is then ignored because everyone is used to it.

The K members joke about D.O and Suho by calling them "Umma" and "Appa".

Before EXO's debut, Chen studied Chinese for 6 months.

Sehun likes to laugh at Kai because of his fearfulness. Whenever EXO-K watches horror films, Kai wants to go to sleep. Sehun then deliberately wakes him up. He likes to scare him in other ways too. As a revenge, Kai has chosen a new image for his desktop background on which Sehun rolls his eyes.

Kai gets sick quickly, which is why D.O always has a bag full of medicine with him and needs a lot of energy for food.

When Tao Xiumin first met in Korea, he greeted him with "Oppa."

When Kris was in junior high, his diary was stolen from him by a girl who liked him.

Luhan has a fear of heights and is allergic to seafood.

Chanyeol often mocks Kai for liking the color pink. Whenever Chanyeol calls him "female", Kai stands up and deliberately does a pirouette in front of Chanyeol's eyes.

If it's dirty in the K-Dorm, D.O cleans everything.

Lay often jokes about Kris because his movements are stiff.

Before Taemin from SHINee had long hair, Kai used to joke about him and trick others into thinking he was his girlfriend.

Sehun's favorite color is white, which is why he would love to paint his entire room white.

Tao and Luhan were pelted with a pillow by Lay for catching them eating his snacks.

Chanyeol is a genius at games while Baekhyun is a genius at card games.

EXO-M revealed that during the trainee days, Luhan accidentally set the kitchen on fire while cooking and then put the blame on Kris.

Baekhyun likes to wear D.O's shoes in private.

Here some quotes:
"Life is a game. Play it. "~ Kris ~

"No matter what happens, we will always have the same mentality that we started with," ~ Xuimin ~

"The alarm clock is always too weak for my ears" ~ Luhan ~

"I'm doing my best because I want to work with my team towards a wonderful day." ~ Lay ~

"I know one or two fans are better than none." ~ Chen ~

"Nothing is impossible for me in this world" ~ Tao ~