Police investigate stolen debit cards

POL-NE: Police warn of pickpockets - wallets stolen and money withdrawn

04.11.2020 – 11:12

District police authority Rhein-Kreis Neuss

Dormagen (ots)

On Tuesday (November 3rd) a woman from Dormagen filed a complaint with the police because she had been stolen by strangers while shopping in the city center. Some cash, personal documents, health insurance and bank cards fell into the hands of the thieves. The perpetrators then used the stolen bank card and withdrew a high three-digit amount from the account of the person concerned at various ATMs in downtown Dormagen within a few minutes. But it was also made easy for them: In the stolen wallet, they found not only the credit institution's card but also the associated PIN for withdrawing from the ATM. The 50-year-old noticed the lack of a wallet around 12:20 p.m. when paying in a discounter on Kölner Strasse in downtown Dormagen. She hadn't noticed possible suspects.

In addition to the normal blocking of the bank account (emergency number 116 116), the police initiated a so-called KUNO block for the direct debit procedure. The Kripo started the investigation.

To avoid becoming a victim of pickpockets, the police give the following tips:

- Only take as much cash with you as you actually need. - Always carry money and payment cards as well as papers and other valuables in different locked inner pockets of your clothing as close to your body as possible. - Always carry your handbag or shoulder bag with the closure side towards you and keep it closed at all times. - Never leave your bag or jacket unattended. - Pay more attention to your valuables in a crowd.

Further information is available on the website of the police in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss (https://rhein-kreis-neuss.polizei.nrw/artikel/vorsicht-taschendiebe) and in the leaflet "Schlauer gegen Klauer" (www.polizei-beratung. de / media offer / detail / 23-smarter-against-thieves).

Be attentive! Protect yourself and your valuables. Raise the alarm if you see pickpockets at work and call the police immediately. Protect yourself from potentially significant damage by keeping your PIN separate from your bank card, preferably "in your head".

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