Should I use glasses for the computer?

The workplace glasses for relaxed eyes at the workplace

Workplace glasses are recommended for work on the PC or for manual work. It covers the extended close range so that both the screen or the workpiece and the work table can be viewed.


A workplace glasses is especially important then recommended if youwork on your PC every day or otherwise look at screens and / or objects in the vicinity. Unlike reading glasses, glasses for the workplace cover an extended close range so that you can read as well as see the computer screen and your desk.

Who needs workplace glasses?

Up to the age of around 35 to 40, single vision glasses are usually sufficient to correct your ametropia - for example, nearsightedness or farsightedness. But then many people develop presbyopia. The eye gradually loses the ability to adjust to different distances, especially at close range (accommodation). You then need a visual aid with a so-called "near addition" (addition value) in order to be able to see clearly again in the vicinity. Ideally, this will be adjusted exactly to the distance that is relevant to you in your work - such as the distance to a computer screen.

You will notice that your single vision glasses are no longer sufficient by symptoms such as tired eyes, headaches, visual disturbances or dizziness. You may also try to see better by moving closer to the computer screen or leaning deeper over the workpiece. This can also lead to a cramped posture with neck and / or back pain. If this applies to you, you should wear glasses at work that are specially designed for extended close range.

What does workplace glasses do?

The workplace glasses are special glasses for working at close range and on the PC. They have a similar structure to varifocals: The glasses are divided into different areasthat flow into one another. In contrast to varifocals, which are made for near and far vision, the distance range of workplace glasses is tailored to your individual working distance. This is often the distance to the keyboard and screen, but further distances into the room are possible, for example if you want to interact with customers and colleagues. Workplace glasses thus cover a larger area in between. We will be happy to advise you which variant suits you best and which values ​​must be available for the production.


But workplace glasses do even more. Because your eyes are exposed to great stress, especially when working on the computer: They may have to adjust to different distances and changing lighting conditions, compensate for a lack of contrast and cope with images on flickering screens. For this work there is a pair of glasses Balances loads, highly recommended.

What are the advantages of workplace glasses?

The advantage of workplace glasses over reading glasses is that so that you can see relaxed not only close up, but also in the middle area.

In this way, workplace glasses can help you overall, your To relieve eyes at work. The super anti-reflective coating on your workplace glasses also enables you to see without annoying reflections. In addition, you can choose a lens refinement with a blue light filter. You can combine any of our workplace glasses with our blue light filter. This protects your eyes when working on the computer from the harmful blue HEV light that is emitted by screens and can lead to headaches or tired eyes.

Discover our glasses with blue light filter here: Blue light filter glasses.

Buying workplace glasses: who pays the costs?

In many cases, workplace glasses are taken over by the employer. It is best to ask your employer whether there is a chance that the costs will be covered.

You can buy your workplace glasses online at Brille24. For this you need your values ​​(distance and addition) from the glasses passport or your prescription. Please also indicate how far away the screen is in your normal sitting position. You can then conveniently order your workplace glasses online. You are also welcome to have our partner optician determine your strengths for workplace glasses.