What's wrong with jewelry e-commerce

The furniture and cosmetics industries are currently finding their way onto the Internet, and the jewelry industry could become the next prominent newcomer to e-commerce. Just yesterday you could read in the e-commerce trends how De Beers supports its stationary sellers with an iPad app. Today, Juwelier Christ relies on the online channel, simply and, above all, quickly with a cooperation with the marketplace link Tradebyte. Christ watches and jewelery will soon find themselves on Zalando via its interface. Meanwhile, Swarowski is having Hermes handle the online sales of its fashion jewelry sub-brand entirely. Also: Barnes & Noble relies on book recommendations in e-readers from real booksellers, and a very specific garage in California has recently been listed as a historical monument.

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Jeweler Christ wants to increase its online reach and is now cooperating with Tradebyte. Conversely, this means that watches and jewelry from the jewelery chain will soon be found on Zalando via the Tradebyte interface. It is also possible for Christ to sell on Amazon, eBay, Otto, Rakuten and half a dozen other German and international marketplaces. >>> Press release

Shave Lab expands to Scandinavia. The Munich-based razor blade specialist has placed its sales and marketing in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark in the hands of Finnish license partner RealDream Finland Oy, and further partnerships are planned. In 2014 Shave-Lab wants to conquer Brazil, India and China, also with the help of license partners. >>> deutsche-startups.de

Netrada is looking for investors: The insolvency administrator of the full-service e-commerce provider has opened the bidding process. Daily business is stable again, said Netrada. >>> Netrada press release

The subscription commerce start-up Foodist had a chat: On average, a customer stays with Foodist for six to seven months before canceling the subscription, revealed founder Alexander Djordjevi. The start-up is currently generating margins of 30 to 40 percent in grocery sales. A second round of financing is planned for the beginning of 2014, which should bring 500,000 euros into the cash register. Foodist received its first funding through crowdfunding and achieved 175,000 euros. >>> deutsche-startups.de

The start-up of the year is called Bloomy Days - this title was awarded to the flower subscription service at Neocom. Founder Franziska von Hardenberg won the final against four other start-ups. The "Start-up of the Year" award was presented for the first time this year. >>> E-commerce vision

Swarovski has opted for full-service support for the online sales of its fashion jewelry brand Cadenzza. The entire shop technology and logistics are handled by the Otto subsidiary Hermes. //www.lebensmittelzeitung.net/news/it-logistik/protected/Hermes-schmueckt-sich-mit-Swarovski_101960.html:>>> Food newspaper (only for subscribers)

The tool manufacturer Hilti has relaunched its brand portal and online shop. The focus is on the involvement of specialist dealers: users can check availability in the online shop or in the nearest Hilti center for direct collection. B2B customers can view and manage all of their company's Hilti products. >>> etailment


Barnes and Noble does not give up the e-book business yet: Despite devastating figures in the last quarter, in which sales of the tablets and e-book readers of the Nook series had plummeted by 20 percent, the US bookstore chain is bringing a new version of the Nook e-reader. The new device costs US $ 20 more than the old version, but it also has twice the storage space: Over 2,000 e-books fit on the board, twice as much as Amazon's Kindle. In addition, the Nook GlowLight offers book recommendations from professional booksellers, not from a recommendation engine. >>> Gigaom

Pizza Hut receives 30 percent of orders for delivery pizzas via mobile devices. This corresponds to an increase of 4,000 (!) Percent compared to the values ​​from 2010. Now the pizza chain has relaunched its app and mobile website, which was launched in 2009, in order to make the ordering process even faster. >>> Mobile Commerce Daily

The Swiss department store group globe, part of the Migros Group, is planning a major e-commerce offensive. This is reported by the Swiss "Handelszeitung". An online shop is to go into operation in mid-2014, which will gradually display the entire range. In the beginning, only fashion is expected to be sold online. >>> Handelszeitung


Service in real time - i.e. advice via live chat, video conference or call button - is gaining in importance in online trading. iBusiness presents the various options and shows how smaller retailers can also offer real-time service. >>> ibusiness (only for members)

The most important studies on e-commerce, which appeared in 2013, has gathered etailment. The latest figures from bvh, ECC Cologne, EHI and Fittkau & Maß are also included. >>> etailment

Most online stores use theirs Product information systems not right, says PIM consultant Sven Tietje. He summarized how the PIM can be used to enhance the shop with particularly valuable and unique product information pages. >>> E-Strategy magazine

Data protection in the online shop: What obligations do retailers have, what information are allowed and what must they store? shopoffer.de has the most important questions and answers about data protection in e-commerce. >>> Shopangebote.de


0.5 percent of the purchase value Amazon.com shoppers can now donate to a charity of their choice through the AmazonSmile donation program. Amazon automatically carries on the donations - and records the tax advantage of the small donations for itself. True to the motto: Do ​​good, talk about it - and earn a lot of money with it! >>> Techcrunch


"People would yell at me if I moved a speck of dust."
Patricia Jobs, Sister of the late Apple founder, explains why she doesn't mind if the small town of Los Altos puts the garage where Steve Jobs screwed together the first Apple computers together under a preservation order. >>> Mercury News