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Connecticut is considered the classic home of the Yankees for a reason. WhileYankeewas used to estimate especially in the southern states in times of the Civil War, the term is seen positively in New England.

The typically smart New England Yankee, business-minded and successful, shapes the image of the people from Connecticut to this day. The part of the state bordering New York is often referred to as the “dormitory” of New York City, as many commuters live here and spend most of their time in the Big Apple.

But those who limit Connecticut to that haven't really recognized the real beauties of this state. The third smallest state in the USA (after Rhode Island and Delaware) offers a delightful coastline, cities steeped in history and a natural hinterland with forests, rivers and lakes.

Neighboring states are Massachusetts in the north, New York in the west and Rhode Island in the east. The highest point is on Mount Frissel on its southern slope at 725 m. The majority of the inhabitants are of European origin (including British, German, Italian). Otherwise there are relatively strong Latin American and African American minorities. The strongest religions are Catholics, Anglicans, and members of the United Church of Christ.

The largest cities in Connecticut are Bridgeport, New Haven, the capital Hartford and Stamford. The population density is high by American standards, but outside the cities you can quickly find quiet and tranquil landscapes. Peace and quiet as well as cosiness are easy to find in New England. There are also trips to neighboring states or to the metropolis of New York City.

Connecticut: facts

  • Surface: 14,357 sq km
  • Residents: 3.574.097
  • Abbreviation: CT
  • Capital: Hartford
  • Local time: GMT -4
  • Nickname: The Constitution State

Connecticut map

Cosmopolitan and popular educational location

The cosmopolitan Connecticut has become one of the democratic strongholds in recent years and thus a "Blue State". The motto of the state is “Qui transtulit sustinet”, in German something like “He who brings over will receive”.

History has always played a big role in this state, and it was one of the first thirteen colonies to wage the American War of Independence against the British. The state has numerous nicknames, the best known is "The Constitution State", soState of the Constitution and "Provision State", because it was once from here that supplies for the army were made available.

Connecticut is economically one of the most successful US states. Per capita income is among the highest in the United States, but there are big differences between the suburbs of New York City and the more rural areas. Overall, Connecticut has a predominance of services (insurance, financial services) and industry (engineering, chemicals, aircraft and shipbuilding, textiles), but there is also some arable land for agriculture (grain, oats, corn, tobacco and wine).

Another not inconsiderable economic aspect is its function as a popular educational location in the USA, including the highly respected private oneYale University in the pretty port cityNew Haven. Those who graduate here generally no longer have to worry about a well-paid position. Here you can also get theYale University Art Gallery visit one of the oldest art collections on earth.

An original of the Gutenberg Bible can be found in theBeincke Rare Book and Manuscript Library look at. There are also other museums such as the local Children's Museum, the Yale Center for British Art and the Peabody of Natural History. Of course, the city also has great student and night life.

In addition to some state colleges, other private universities have their headquarters in the state, such as the University of Hartford, Wesleyan University, and Fairfield University.

Connecticut: Climate and Weather

The southernmost state in New England has an oceanic temperate climate and is relatively mild on the coast, even in winter. Otherwise, the seasons are clearly demarcated and the Indian summer can also be very impressive in the forests of Connecticut.

Climate table

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Maritime flair and old captain's houses

If you like historical ships, you should definitelyMysticvisit. An old coastal village has been built here and you can go into the largestMaritime Museumof the USA experience the life of past centuries up close. You can also find the ship hereCharles W. Morgan, the last wooden whaler in the USA (1841).

The exhibition, which is well worth seeing, is also all about waterVoyages: Stories of America and the Sea. Friends of the sea should also be popular with childrenMystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration visit.

Not far away is the cozy coastal townsStonington, in the city once known as a whaling town, you can now eat fish or mussel soup and take long walks along historical capital houses to the beach.

Beach and sand lovers willHammonasset Beach State Park to appreciate, because here you can enjoy and hike 3 km of coastline on Long Island Sound. The Gillette Castle in the state park of the same name is also popular, a huge property with a castle-like house and secret passage that was once inhabited by the actor William Gillette.

Also the capital, which is characterized by many elegant high-rise buildingsHartfordis worth a visit, especially by fans of the writerMark Twain (actually Samuel Clemens). Here you can visit the Mark Twain Museum, where you can visit the Victorian house, where he like some of his world successesThe adventures of Huckleberry Finn andThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer wrote.

Also worth seeing is the neighboring house of Harriet Beecher-Stowe, who was particularly well-known for her work Onkel Toms Hütte and who is known today with theHarriet Beecher Stowe Center commemorates. The exhibition also provides extensive information on the abolition of slavery and the writer's views.

You can find out more about the history of the state as a whole in theMuseum of Connecticut History, The Connecticut Capitol also towers imposingly in the city. in theXL Center(formerly Hartford Civic Center) you can go shopping or attend concerts and sporting events. Local teams like Hartford Wolf Pack or the Connecticut Huskies play here.

Those who want to experience rural Connecticut should take a trip to theLitchfield Hillswhere you can find the typical farms, villages and hilly landscapes. You can also find theBantamthe largest lake in the state. Especially when the sun is shining and in the colorful autumn leaves, the landscape looks like something out of a picture book. If you are enthusiastic about waterfalls, you shouldKent Falls State Parkin the Southern Berkshires visit.

A special tip is also one of the particularly elegant onesWineriesfrom Connecticut to visit, which can offer some good drops. Wine connoisseurs will get their money's worth here.

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