Democrats are trying to suppress freedom of expression

Democracy Day: The Value of Freedom of Expression

Our news is shaped by crises, attacks and ongoing conflicts. In the midst of these hot spots, the campaign for more freedom of expression often seems hopeless: it is by no means a means against violence, displacement and misery. But in the long run it is an essential lever for promoting democracy and the rule of law.

It is above all the states with undemocratic structures in which freedom of expression is suppressed and the right to information is withheld. Here the citizens fight an unequal and often hopeless struggle for their freedom - against the mills of the government and the lack of the rule of law. In such states, attempts are often made to nip in the bud the awareness of individual rights.

With our work we want to draw attention to these rights and encourage media professionals to exercise them. And it works! This is shown, for example, by an initiative we support in Guatemala, which makes the work of the Congress more transparent and easier to understand for citizens. Or Palestinian young people who learn in our media literacy programs how to obtain reliable information and how to use it properly. Or a newly founded press council, supported by us, which has recently been monitoring ethical standards and a balance in reporting in Myanmar. Successes that will hopefully show many people that they have a prospect of more justice and that injustice will be heard.

Accompanying democratic processes

Head of project communication