Roommate can share renter insurance

Shared apartment - properly secured in the event of damage

Shared apartment: main tenant and sub-tenant

According to tenancy law, two or more people come together in a shared flat and share a flat without starting a family. Usually there is at least one main tenant who signs the contract with the landlord. The termination of the apartment can only be made through the main tenant (s). In addition, other roommates live in the rented property, often as sub-tenants. It should agreed in advance with the landlord and set out in writing what the living situation is like, i.e. how many people will live in the apartment. If a roommate moves out, for example because of a semester abroad, a possible sublet must be discussed with the landlord. Not coordinating with the landlord in this case can be a reason for termination.

Basically are three types of leases conceivable:

  • One main tenant and several sub-tenants,
  • all tenants are main tenants,
  • every tenant concludes his own rental agreement with the landlord.

In most cases, all tenants are registered as the main tenants and sign the rental agreement together. The specific design of the rental agreement should be clarified in advance between the parties so that no problems arise when a person moves out.