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Single test 2020: TRP DH-R Evo brake

The TRP Silver Surfer Brake is powerful, easy to adjust and has a stylish look.

What's better than braking power? More braking power! We say that based on the motto of the Navy Seals agro-troop. The DH-R Evo is the new top brake from the Taiwanese. "It was designed for tough downhill use" - such a sentence can be impressive, but it doesn't have to be. Super racer Aaron Gwin made the Asia label known to us, but his brakes could never fully convince despite the massive, motocross-like levers - the four-piston brake simply lacked braking power. We tested the hardcore model (G-Spec DH-R). In short: the new Evo should now wipe out this notch. And she whets.

The braking force is high. If you want even more bang, you can equip it with oversized 223 discs. The highlight: At 2.3 millimeters, the panes are particularly thick - and thick is good because more material can withstand heat better. That means a lot of stability on long, steep descents. For this purpose, a mineral oil with a higher viscosity was filled in, which bubbles away temperatures of up to 230 degrees. Great: the ease of dosing. No digital on-off, but a soft modulation as you need it for manuals.

Weight: 310 grams (without disc, adapter)

price (Set): 389 euros

info: trpcycling.com

STRENGTHEN: Braking power, modulation

WEAKNESSES: Bulky, not easy

Conclusion: powerful, easy-to-dose brakes with a stylish look. A definite improvement.

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