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USA and North Korea: Donald Trump's declaration of love to Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un - it's a special relationship. During an election campaign appearance, the US President made the North Korean ruler a declaration of love and sounded like a teenage crush.

At the tender age of 72, the married US president has embraced a new flame with whom he has a long-distance relationship. In public, Donald Trump made the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un an unusual declaration of love on Saturday: In front of supporters in the US state of West Virginia, Trump found almost tender words for the half-age scion of the ruling dynasty from Pyongyang, although he was in the struggle for North Korea nuclear disarmament has proven to be a tough chunk.

"He wrote me wonderful letters"

"I was tough, he was too, and we went back and forth," Trump reported. "And then we fell in love. Okay? No, really." And it wasn't just the conversations with Kim that would have melted his heart. "He wrote me beautiful letters, they were great letters." Trump made it clear that their personal connection had also borne fruit politically: He referred to the stop of all nuclear and missile tests announced by Kim, even if critics have so far seen little more than lip service.

The US President seemed to be well aware that the affection for the "Rocket Man" (Trump's nickname for Kim), who is notorious for his martial threatening gestures, should not be safe for everyone. In any case, he anticipated the expected criticism at his appearance in a large sports hall in the city of Wheeling: "Donald Trump says you fell in love. How terrible, how terrible is that? It's so unpresidential."

He doesn't care, Trump explained and then pointed his index finger at the crowd: "I've always told you it's so easy to be presidential. But then there wouldn't be 10,000 people out there in this bulging arena, we just had 200 people are standing outside. "