When does a church become a cathedral?

What is the difference between Dom and Cathedral?

The term "cathedral" comes from the Greek. "kathedra" means "retirement home" or "chair". A cathedral is always the church of a bishopric.

We think of cathedrals as large, monumental church buildings, but the term itself does not say anything about the size. The cathedral was, however, the most important place of worship in a district. One will have to look for tiny cathedrals, because the bishops of the Middle Ages wanted to show their power and size with the construction of their church.

House of God or "House of the Lord" is called "Domus Dei" in Latin. Here the German word "Dom" was derived. The Italians call it "duomo". It often sounds similar in other languages. The cathedral can be a bishopric, but does not have to be. Often the terms "Dom" and "Cathedral" are used identically. But that is not entirely correct.

There are many cathedrals that have never been a bishopric. It always was cathedrals!

In German, the term "Cathedral" naturalized. So we say Speyer Cathedral or Aachen Cathedral, Augsburg Cathedral. No one says Augsburg Cathedral, although it would not be wrong, because Augsburg is a bishopric and therefore the most important church in Augsburg is, strictly speaking, also a cathedral. But nobody says that.