How do I deal with difficult lecturers

Dealing professionally with (sometimes) difficult people

Target group: interested employees from all areas, but no managers

No matter where you go, you meet "difficult people" everywhere. Choleric, quarrelsome, complainers - they can make our everyday work much more difficult. This web seminar is intended to help you to show such people limits, but without making further cooperation impossible.

How to find out

- what types of personality there are
- how you react correctly to the respective type
- what you can do when nothing helps.

With the knowledge gained, you will improve your workplace atmosphere, your own productivity and your personal self-confidence.

IMPORTANT: After registering for this event, please send an email with your expectations, including specific problems or requests that you would like to know about in the seminar, to [email protected] These are ANONYMOUSLY passed on to the lecturer.

Contents at a glance:

  • What is a difficult person anyway? Why is he acting like that?
  • Personality types - what's behind them?
  • What are your options? - Choose appropriate responses
  • How not to be intimidated
  • Don't be afraid of conflicts
  • Plan conversation situations and find the right tone
  • Negotiate - get people moving
  • Some guidelines for troubleshooting

Methods: Trainer input, exercises

Speaker: Michael Westrich, owner of "WKW - Westrich-Klem & Westrich": Development, learning, concepts, coaching

Web seminars: A microphone and a camera are a prerequisite for participating in web seminars so that the collegial exchange and the exercises also succeed in the virtual space.