What is the tide in Halo

Why did the forerunners investigate the flood on the halo rings?

I've played most of the Halo games but haven't read any of the novels. Most of the traditions can be found here. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about the subject can take up these topics and put together a more comprehensive answer, but here's what I was able to find out:

The forerunners were extremely concerned about the threat from the flood and were trying to figure out how to stop it. They have set up flood research facilities in remote locations across the galaxy according to the containment protocol.

These institutions looked for weaknesses in the flood, but found only one: hunger. They found that if they destroyed all sentient life in the galaxy, the tide would starve to death. They built the halo rings to accomplish this.

The librarian was outraged by this plan, which led to the conservation measure:

When the possibility of the halo array was first suggested, the librarian was outraged at the builders' idea of ​​defeating the flood with a galactic genocide and asked the builder Faber and the council to take action to protect the galaxy's life forms in the US to get event of triggering the halo array. As a result, the installations involved in the halo array, including the halos themselves as well as the arks from which the rings were made - first the larger ark and later installation 00 - were designed to accommodate surface conditions for different types of life This means that the life workers can use them as organic preserves.

However, when the forerunners became more desperate for a solution other than the galactic genocide, they experimented with the forms of life they kept on the rings, especially humans. Since the life forms were located here, in my opinion it made sense to set up additional research facilities on the rings themselves:

Researching the flood to find a means to control the parasite was an essential aspect of the conservation effort. For safety reasons, the conservation measure stipulated that flood research facilities should be set up in remote locations. [11] Towards the end of the flood conflict, the builder began to change his pact with the librarian, allowing the biological samples of the life workers on the halo to be used for extensive experiments on the flood. [12] People in particular were subjected to rigorous testing at Installation 07, allegedly immune to flood infection.


So it sounds like they built research facilities on the rings because they provided convenient access to the experimental samples, and they were desperate and ran out of time.