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T-Home: The DSL test winner at Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest 11/08 evaluated a total of ten nationally active Internet providers. The test result was only 1 x "good", 4 x "satisfactory" and 5 x "sufficient". T-Home (today "Telekom") had that Test winner offer. In the CONNECT magazine, Telekom was also named Internet and Telephony Provider of the Year 2011 and the test winner in the fixed network test (06/2012).

This trend is also confirmed by the predominantly positive ratings from our users - for months, Telekom has had the highest recommendation and satisfaction rate (3 stars or more) of all our providers in our customer ratings.

The current special offer from the test winner

When ordering online during the promotional period, new customers will receive 10% discount for 12 months, which is credited as a one-off amount on one of the next telephone bills. A cash payment is not possible. The DSL setup price of € 99.95 does not apply *.

*) For a detailed calculation, see DSL tariff comparison. One-time provision price for a new telephone connection € 59.95 (free change within Standard or Universal if you are already a Telekom customer). Possibly plus shipping costs for the DSL modem in the amount of 6.99 €. Telekom DSL is available in many areas. Minimum contract period from 12 months depending on the package.