How do you say good night in Hausa

Vocabulary: Talking like in a coal pot

Aalskuhle –Before the introduction of the sewer system, this was the name given to the septic tank of an outhouse. If it stinks somewhere, they say today: "Here you must feel like inne Aalskuhle."

pulled off - shrewd, rascal

copying - unsuccessful search for something or someone in many places. When you look for someone in the whole coal pot copied then you looked everywhere.

anpesen - to insult someone; mob

Appelkitsche - either the remnant of an eaten apple or the derogatory term for a very old car.

Babbel - mouth. Someone who is supposed to "hold the Babbel" is asked to stop their pointless chatter

abashed - sad, disappointed. Anyone who "looks down on their laundry" shows that they are sad.

kackeln - discuss; discuss everyday matters

coal - cheat someone while playing; fool someone with lesser lies

belatschern - persuade. If you "belatsch" someone, you talk to them until they finally agree.

bob up - laugh at something

dabble - defraud someone (with a small amount of money, e.g. with change in a shop); to cheat someone

tinkle - to spoil somebody; take care of someone. Someone who is "toddled" gets a lot of affection and care.

Bommsken - Candy or gift

Bohei - unnecessary fuss about a thing. If you are asked "not to bohei", you should calm down.

wow - Exclamation of astonishment. Often used as an introduction to a sentence: "Wow, is dat ne zuzuppte Olle!".

brittle - 1) slightly drunk 2) annoyed, angry; "Are you biting?" You ask when you think someone has drunk a little too much or is simply in a bad mood.

Brass - anger; Trouble. Anyone who is "in brass" gets upset about something.

Brassel - stress. Anyone who has "a lot of money on their heads" has way too much to do.

Bratze - derogatory term for a very ugly or very unsympathetic woman

Dadderich - trembling of the hands. Alcoholics, for example, have a "dadderich" when they haven't had enough alcohol.

The same - Head. Anyone who "gets ahead of the game" happens to something bad unexpectedly

Dec - Head. Those who "get a december" are just a little unlucky.

Doneken - anecdote; a funny or exaggerated story. When someone "tells Dönekes" they are exaggerating a bit.

Dribbler - a cute kid. "Is dat dröppelig" means "Is that cute".

Erpelschluth - Potato salad. According to the culinary motto in the pot "cheap and full", the potato salad is a popular dish at all kinds of celebrations.

ey - A filler word of the oral speech, which is inserted into the sentence during pauses for thought. Can also be at the beginning of a sentence to call for attention: "Ey, hömma zu."

Fitsch - Bargain; Purchase at a great price. Those who do "en Fitsch" have acquired something on very good terms.

futschikato - If something is "futschikato", then you have lost it or it is simply gone.

Gesocks - derogatory term for people who are despised; bad society

tingle - giggle

Hempel - a typical family name in the Ruhr area. The disorder that prevails at Hempels is proverbial. If it's not tidied up somewhere, people not only say in the Ruhr area: "Here it looks like Hempels under the sofa."

ipschig - sweet

Cabins - small room.

Käffken - coffee. Mostly used when it comes to cozy or enjoyable coffee drinking.

Kawenzmann - big man or big animal. For example, if an angler has caught "soooo NEN Kawenzmann", then the whole family will be full of it in the evening.

chunky - irritated; bitchy; snippy. Someone who is "kiebig" quickly gets angry even on minor occasions.

Killefitt - nonsense.

Klüsen - swollen eyes. Also commonly used colloquially for eyes.

kneeling - stingy

Pinched - bread and butter. "Ne Kniffte mit ohne Frlefanz" is bread with butter but no toppings.

knot -gripe; rumble.

crutches - 1) work hard. 2) "a crutch" - fraud in a less serious form

crunchy - with small curls; frizzy

Dude 1) Mining worker 2) Friend, good acquaintance

malochen work hard. Those who "go to work" go to work

mat - long head of hair. If you don't cut your hair regularly, you will quickly have "sooo ne matt"

meschugge - crazy.

Mottek - hammer. Mainly used for the miner's hammer.

sleeve - Anxiety. Someone who "has a whimper" is very afraid of something.

nölen -gripe.

Oscheck - a large object or person

Panhas - cheap and filling food, a specialty in the Ruhr area

expenses - run or drive fast

pickle - Drink alcohol, but not in a way that will really get you drunk

pill-palle - easy. If you find something "pill-palle", you don't consider it a difficulty.

Pinnoreck - a strange little object whose name is unknown

gossip - 1) raining heavily 2) "gossip" - get drunk 3) gossip money - spend money uncontrollably

dishwater - cheap alcoholic drink that doesn't taste very good

Pülleken - little Bottle. However, when the Ruhri orders a "Pülleken beer", he wants half a liter and nothing less. A "Pülleken pissfix" is a drink that means that you have to go to the toilet quickly - beer for example

scratch - sleep. Someone who "scratches" sleeps soundly.

to swing - ingratiate yourself. Anyone who "rambles around" around someone always stays close and seeks contact.

Schisselameng - something uninteresting or worthless

Tasty - Force. Anyone who knocks someone "with taste" will strike hard.

Sperenzkes - make unnecessary inconveniences; make something unnecessarily difficult

Spökes - jokes; funny or silly behavior

potty - Great

Tullux - nonsense

kasematuckeln –Eat greedily and with great appetite

network - trick someone in a funny way

brave - fast

Zymtzicke - offensive salutation for a snippy woman