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  • Europe is torturing itself from its lockdown, the first signs of economic and social recovery are in sight. Time to take an initial, cautious balance sheet: which country has overcome the crisis best? A search for clues.
  • After tough months of lockdown, the signs at Pentecost seem to point to relaxation. The federal government answers questions about the pandemic situation and other current topics - here in the live stream.
  • In the pandemic, Brussels made the same mistake twice, criticized EU expert Luuk van Middelaar. Nevertheless, the political advisor expects the Union to emerge stronger from the crisis. And a realignment of financing that Berlin shouldn't like.
  • Vaccination criticism has existed since there were vaccinations. The same things arouse suspicion as they did 200 years ago, only the arguments are changing. A medical historian explains why this measure has so many opponents.
  • The state government of Lower Saxony wanted to abolish the mask requirement in retail from an incidence below 35. Just a few months ago, their own step-by-step plan provided that the incidence was below ten at the earliest. After criticism, she wants to reconsider the decision.