Why does everyone call the Netherlands Holland

The difference between Holland and the Netherlands

What is the difference between Holland and the Netherlands? The Netherlands is made up of 12 provinces in total, but a lot of people use the term Holland when they actually mean the Netherlands.

    • Holland consists of the two provinces of North and South Holland.
    • The Netherlands is made up of the 12 provinces.
    • The term Holland is often used when actually referring to the Netherlands.

    The official name of the country is the Kingdom of the Netherlands. King Willem Alexander is the head of state. Holland actually only consists of the two provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. However, the term Holland is often used when referring to the Netherlands.

    A brief history of the Netherlands and Holland

    Between 1588 and 1795 what is now the Netherlands was the 'Republic of the Seven United Netherlands'. In 1795 French troops conquered the country, which became the Batavian Republic. Napoleon made his brother Louis king in 1806, and the Netherlands was a kingdom. After the fall of Napoleon, the Netherlands retained the form of government of the monarchy. The area of ​​Holland made the largest contribution to the economy and welfare of the entire country during this period. That is why Holland was used abroad as the name for the entire country.

    The nature in Holland

    Holland is known as a flat country. This makes the landscape ideal for cycling and hiking. Of course, the numerous nature parks, each with their own character, invite you to do so. Visit, for example, the Oostvaarders Plassen or the Hoge Veluwe and discover the unique fauna and flora there.

    The Netherlands also has a long coastline with wonderful beaches. But because of the abundance of water, the Netherlands is threatened by flooding. Therefore, structural measures were taken against it, such as the Afsluitdijk and the Delta Works. These unique constructions are definitely worth a visit.

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    Typically Dutch?

    When you think of Holland, you immediately think of tulips, windmills and cheese. You can find these and other icons throughout the Netherlands. For example, Friesland and Zeeland are ideal for cycling tours, in Noord-Brabant and Gelderland you can immerse yourself in the art of Vincent van Gogh, Bosch and other Dutch masters and enjoy traditional Limburg cheese in Limburg. The province of Drenthe is unique in the Netherlands, where you can find prehistoric finds such as dolmens. If the winter is frosty enough, die-hard fans can take part in the Elfstedentocht. A natural ice route that leads through eleven Frisian cities. But no ice? The pretty cities are worth a visit even when the weather is nice.

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    Holidays in Holland

    Every country has its holidays. For the Netherlands, the most famous are Sinterklaas (Nikolaus) and Koningsdag, which is celebrated at the beginning of December. The children get presents when they are good. The Dutch celebrate their king's birthday on Koningsdag. This festival, which is mainly celebrated on the street with music, attracts many tourists every year.

    City break in Holland

    Are you looking for a nice city for a weekend trip? In the Netherlands you will find various cities where you can have fun with historical architecture, museums, city parks as well as restaurants and cafes. Visit, for example, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Maastricht or Haarlem.