Should Colin Kaepernick return to the NFL

Protesting quarterback Colin Kaepernick could return to the NFL

Colin Kaepernick became famous for his protest during the American national anthem. He has not been allowed to play American football since then. This could change soon.

It has been almost three years since Colin Kaepernick last appeared on the field as a professional American football player. He has since been banned from the National Football League (NFL). Kaepernick is the quarterback who knelt down during the national anthem to protest against the inequality of black people in the United States. Kaepernick sparked controversy and angered President Donald Trump.

Now Kaepernick could return to the NFL. At least there is hope for the 32-year-old.

The NFL teams have received an invitation from the league to travel to Atlanta on Saturday. Kaepernick will present himself to the team representatives there, first in a training session, then in interviews. If you can't be there, you will get videos of both. So reported on Tuesday ESPN.

According to the “New York Times”, Kaepernick also received an invitation and had to confirm within two hours that he would take part in the training. The NFL is said to have insisted on the appointment on Saturday, although Kaepernick's environment probably tried to postpone the appointment by a few days. On Tuesday, for example, when most of the 32 NFL teams are not in the middle of preparing for the games on Sunday or are traveling to the away game. Kaepernick's environment is said to have requested a list of all training participants from the NFL, they want to check whether it is just a PR maneuver on the part of the league or whether decision-makers such as coaches or general managers are actually watching the quarterback training.

Kaepernick himself tweeted on Tuesday that he had been ready for three years and in good shape, “I can't wait to see the coaches and managers on Saturday”.

It could be Kaepernick's last chance to get back into the league, he's a free agent, the clubs can sign him. Before he became famous for his protest, Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013, but there the team lost to the Baltimore Ravens. In 2017 he let his contract with the 49ers expire. Kaepernick has been out of work since then.

His agent recently announced that the quarterback was briefly an issue in the spring of 2017 with the Seattle Seahawks looking for a replacement quarterback. The commitment did not materialize. In the fall of 2017, Kaepernick sued the league that it was preventing him from playing football again. The parties reached an out-of-court settlement at the beginning of the year, the exact conditions were not known. In August, a month before the start of the NFL season, Kaepernick tweeted a video of himself lifting weights, he wrote: "5 o'clock in the morning. 5 days a week. Since three years."

5am. 5 days a week. For 3 years. Still ready.

- Colin Kaepernick (@ Kaepernick7) August 7, 2019