How is life in medieval Japan


Cultures in Japan and the Yamoto Era

After Jomon culturefrom 10,000 to 150 BC Chr. Reached, and the Yayoi culture in the time of 250 BC From 300 AD to 300 AD, Japan was united for the first time around 300 AD, through the ruling house of the Yamoto. That is why this time is also known as Yamoto era. The period between 300 and 552 AD is also called the Kofun period. This name comes from the keyhole-shaped barrows that date back to that time. The graves are called Kofun.

The ruling family of the Yamato was of the opinion that their ancestry could be traced back directly to the sun goddess Amaterasu. So the first unified Japanese state with one came into being Tenno, that's the emperor, at the head. Even today's emperors are of the opinion that they descend from the Sun Queen.

The ruling family of the Yamato did not keep to themselves, but also participated in conflicts in Korea and established contacts in China. The influence of China grew and Buddhism and the Chinese script came to Japan. The Japanese emperors also officially adopted the Buddhist faith. The Japanese also adopted the characters from the Chinese. The Chinese influence was also noticeable in many other areas such as handicrafts.