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USA: Trump's fight against Capitol Storm investigation

Democrats and Republicans had been negotiating for three months until they reached a committee of inquiry into the Capitol storm on January 6th at the weekend. "It's about the facts, not about party politics," declared Republican negotiator John Katko determined. But on Tuesday his parliamentary group leader Kevin McCarthy surprisingly moved away from the agreement, which he called "myopic and potentially counterproductive".

The attempt to neutralize the bloody riots in which five people were killed and 140 police officers were injured has practically failed. The ten-person commission is likely to be decided with the votes of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. It may even find enough support in the Senate. But their results are unlikely to be accepted by the majority of Trump supporters.

US Politics: Washington is busy storming the Capitol

"It is disappointing, if not surprising, that part of the Republican side out of cowardice does not want to find out the truth," said the Democratic parliamentary speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked her Republican opponent McCarthy. Negotiator Katko chose a report of the internally Washington Post According to even harsher words: "Thank you, Kevin, for throwing me to the wolves to eat," he is said to have addressed his parliamentary group leader.

In fact, McCarthy has made a remarkable U-turn. After all, he himself had named Katko as negotiator and later added three conditions for an agreement: the committee had to have equal representation, both sides had to be able to summon witnesses and there should be no political guidelines. The Democrats had accepted all of the demands. Nevertheless, McCarthy now urged his Republicans to reject the project.

Donald Trump is railing from Florida

The background to the change of heart - as with the replacement of the parliamentary group leader Liz Cheney last week - is likely to be the fear of the ex-president's resentment. Donald Trump castigated the investigative committee from his self-elected exile in Florida as a "trap of the Democrats" and called on the Republicans to reject it, unless the commission also investigates "murders, riots and bombings" in Democratic-ruled cities.

On January 6, Trump asked his supporters, some of whom were equipped with baseball bats and bulletproof vests, to move to the Capitol and fight “like the devil” there. He also left several hours inactive after 800 violent criminals broke into parliament, rioted there and tried to prevent official recognition of the election results.

Republicans loyal to Trump fear left-wing violence

At the time, McCarthy is said to have asked him to call the mob back. According to American media reports, Trump countered: "Well, Kevin, I think these people are more outraged about the election than you are."

Many Republicans loyal to Trump continue to downplay the storm on the Capitol and point to the supposedly more dangerous left-wing violence.

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