What's live on iPhone camera

iPad / iPhone iPhone Live Photo: How to Take Moving Pictures


With the "Live Photos" function you can not only capture the current moment as a picture, but also the 1.5 seconds before and after the shutter release. This will give you a short video. How to activate the function on the iPhone, what you can do with the moving pictures and how to convert Live Photos back into an image, read in our tips + tricks.

How to enable Live Photos

Live Photos are enabled by default on newer iPhones. If this is not the case for you, read the following instructions to activate the function:

How to Play Live Photos

Like all other images, Live Photos can be found in the Photo app. To do this, simply navigate to the photo you just took. To play the Live Photo now, simply press and hold the image. A small video sequence is now played back, which contains the 1.5 seconds before and after the actual recording.

How to change the key photo

The key photo is the photo that is displayed by default. It shows the moment you pressed the shutter button. You can also set any other image from the short video as the new key photo. This is especially useful if you haven't caught the optimal moment for your picture.

Convert iPhone Live Photos to still images

The feature introduced by Apple gives the pictures more life, but the pictures also consume more storage space. To save storage space, you can convert Live Photos into normal, non-moving images afterwards:

Send live photos via AirDrop

If you send the Live Photo to others as an image, it will not appear as a Live Photo on the other device. AirDrop offers a remedy here. To learn how to enable AirDrop, see our article: Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone. If you share the Live Photo with other devices, it will also be sent as a moving image:

Export Live Photo as Video


There are various apps that make it possible to convert a live photo into a video and then save or send it. We chose Lively:

Send Live Photo as GIF via WhatsApp

If you want to quickly share a Live Photo with your friends, WhatsApp offers the function to convert the Live Photo directly into a GIF. You can read how this works in the following: