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We at Zweisicht advise organizations and teams on how they can work together in a respectful and appreciative manner. We are often on the road for this purpose, giving mediation and conflict training to our corporate customers on site.

In the hall there was a poster that read: "What made you smile today?"

During a training session on the premises of badenova - the largest environmental and energy service provider in Freiburg - we discovered a poster in the hallway with the inscription: “What made you smile today?” Employees had personal comments on it with pens and post-its written and expressed their thanks. That touched us - and made us smile.

Simple, but extremely effective :-)

“What made you smile today?” - A simple question with a big impact. While you are still thinking, you can already see a slight movement of the corners of your mouth. You remember something positive and your body goes along with it right away. A little thing is enough, such as B. the busy squirrel in the garden, the smell of freshly ground coffee, the friendly greeting from a colleague, the brief feedback from a satisfied customer, a few rays of sunshine, ...

That inspired us!

We immediately thought: “We want a poster like this in our rooms too!” We then dealt with it and adapted the exercise to our area. The graphic designers from Grook - Bureau für Gestaltung in Berlin designed a poster and a postcard for us in the corporate design of Zweisicht. The packages just came from the printer and they look great!

Practicing gratitude is good for you.

Gratitude is a practice that requires regular practice. We always provide impulses in trainings, workshops and mediations, e. B. at the beginning or end of the day or as a separate topic. We were so enthusiastic about the effect of the poster because it works independently of an event and gratitude is practically cultivated in the company in passing and on the side. Over time, a whole treasure trove of beautiful moments emerges that you can always look forward to. It's good to be able to look at the poster again and again.

Gratitude exercises in trainings, workshops and mediations

We hung the poster in our academy rooms. We are excited to see what our participants in the training in business mediation and the advanced seminars will note on it. But it shouldn't stay that way. In the future, we will also use the poster in conflict training outside the home. Then it can then be used by the customer as an anchor for everyday life and further filled later.

Laying the seeds for appreciative and respectful cooperation

We think: This gratitude exercise can continue to spread - it lays the seeds for an appreciative and respectful cooperation. At this point we would like to say thank you again for the inspiration to the badenova team!

Order posters & postcards

The poster “What made you smile today” and the postcards of the same name can be purchased from us. Do you want to order the poster for your rooms? Then write us an email to [email protected]

Poster "What made you smile today?"

1 poster 15 EUR including VAT and postage
5 posters 25 EUR including VAT and postage

Postcards "What made you smile today?"

10 postcards 5 EUR including VAT and postage

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