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Entry requirements for Vietnam

Below you will find important information for your Vietnam trip. We particularly go into the current entry requirements and regulations.

It is particularly important that you check carefully when planning your trip and again before departure whether your travel documents also comply with Vietnamese regulations. Depending on the purpose and duration of the trip, you should check whether you need a visa. The period of stay must also be entered here. In the following, we will also inform you about the customs regulations when entering Vietnam. It is also advisable to take out travel health insurance before entering Vietnam. Find out more in peace. If you adhere to the rules and regulations, your stay in Vietnam will be a carefree and unforgettable experience that you will remember fondly for a long time.

Entry documents for a vacation in Vietnam

According to the current regulations of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a valid passport is initially required for entry, which is also valid for six months beyond the planned duration of the trip. If a visa is included, the passport must be valid for one month beyond the duration of the visa. When traveling with children, it is not sufficient to enter it in the parents' passport. Each child traveling with you therefore needs their own ID. No visa is required for a holiday trip or a round trip through Vietnam that does not exceed a maximum stay of 15 days. However, at least 30 days must have passed since the last stay in Vietnam. In the case of visa-free entry, you must be able to present a valid, printed out return ticket in addition to your passport. Since it can happen that the various Vietnamese diplomatic missions abroad have different regulations when issuing visas, it is advisable to find out more about the currently valid regulations there.

Visa for German citizens

A visa is required if you spend more than 15 days in Vietnam or are planning multiple entries with an interval of less than 30 days. You can apply for this visa at the Vietnamese diplomatic missions or the Vietnamese embassy. A classic tourist visa is valid for entry and a maximum stay of four weeks. However, it is also possible to obtain permits for a longer stay for an appropriate fee and the submission of additional required documents. It is also possible to change or extend the validity of your visa in Vietnam. With your valid visa, you also have the option of entering Vietnam by air (airport), water (ports) and land, i.e. across the borders of the neighboring countries of China, Laos or Cambodia. As a German citizen, you do not need a special transit visa.

Customs regulations for entry into Vietnam

In order for the entry into Vietnam to be as quick and stress-free as possible, it is important for you to know and observe the current customs regulations. So it is helpful to know which goods can be imported into Vietnam duty-free, which have to be declared and which objects are prohibited on entry. The same should be taken into account for your return trip to Germany. Below is an overview of the product groups mentioned above. However, since the customs regulations can change at any time, in case of doubt it always makes sense to obtain additional information from the embassy or on the website of the Federal Foreign Office to be on the safe side.

The duty-free goods that you can import without hesitation include the following:

  • 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars or up to 500 grams of tobacco
  • 2 liters of alcohol below 22% by volume
  • 1.5 liters of alcohol over 22% by volume
  • Up to 5 kg of tea
  • Up to 3 kg of coffee

Personal items, such as perfume or jewelry, may also be imported duty-free, as long as they are carried with you in an appropriate amount, adapted to the purpose and duration of the trip. With gold jewelry, the weight is crucial. Duty-free imports apply below 300 grams. Gold jewelry over this weight must be declared upon entry. Small gifts may also be introduced as long as they do not exceed a value of 300 US dollars.

Declarable goods

Larger amounts of cash have to be declared at customs. There is an obligation to declare foreign cash sums over a value of 5,000 US dollars. Furthermore, gold jewelry over a weight of 300 grams or gold in bars of up to one kilo must be declared upon entry.

Prohibited items are:

  • Weapons of all kinds, especially firearms
  • Ammunition and explosives
  • Flammable objects
  • Drugs of any kind
  • Literature that attacks or criticizes the Vietnamese government
  • Pornographic material of any kind

Recommended insurance before departure

Travel cancellation insurance for the Vietnam vacation. This insurance makes sense when planning your trip, as it reimburses all travel expenses you have already paid in advance in the event that you do not start your trip. This can happen, for example, due to illness or due to family events. As a rule, the costs are manageable and should not be avoided, especially if the booking period and the start of the trip are far apart. But such an insurance is also recommended for short-term bookings, because nobody can see into the future.

Luggage insurance. It is true that the probability that your luggage will be stolen in Vietnam is relatively low. Nevertheless, it is better to insure your luggage. Because luggage insurance is not only liable in the event of theft, but also if your belongings are lost, for example at the airport or during a transfer as part of a round trip. In the worst case, you are protected from costs in the six-figure range.

Foreign health insurance. In order to keep your risk as low as possible during your Vietnam vacation, we recommend that you take out foreign health insurance. In addition to the costs of medical treatment, this should also include the costs of emergency treatment, a hospital stay and a possible rescue transport by plane back to your home country. In the case of the latter, the insurers usually talk about travel repatriation insurance. Please note that general medical care in Vietnam cannot be compared with European standards. Some hospitals in Hanoi are better equipped. International clinics such as SOS International or the Family Medical Practice are set up to cater to sick travelers. It should also be noted that patients often have to pay in advance financially for their treatment. The costs are then usually reimbursed by the health insurance company at home.

If you take heed of all the points and hints contained in our information, you will spend a carefree holiday in Vietnam. Also, always be friendly and polite, and treat the locals with respect. Also, find out about the traditional customs and traditions of the country. Some basic terms in Vietnamese are also always well received by the population and remember that you are visiting this country. Accordingly, the behavior should also correspond to that of a guest.

We make no claim to the completeness of the entry requirements and therefore no liability whatsoever. Since regulations can sometimes change, you should therefore inform yourself in detail on the website of the Federal Foreign Office before entering the country, because changes will be published there.

We wish you a safe entry and a pleasant stay in Vietnam.

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