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Translate words from Hindi into German - It's very easy here: Just enter the Hindi word you want to translate into German in the search box in the upper right corner or in front of the magnifying glass, in front of the word "Suche" or Search ", click on Enter or Page / Search - then you will find a translation from Hindi into German.

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Translate Hindi - some things are possible here in this wiki, some things are not. You are on the pages of the Yoga Wiki, the largest collection of articles about yoga, India, Ayurveda, meditation in the German-speaking area. Since yoga and Ayurveda are from India, the technical terms for yoga come from Sanskrit, the oldest of the (northern) Indian languages. Hindi developed from Sanskrit. Many Indian yoga teachers and yoga masters speak Hindi today. In order to understand yoga it is necessary to translate many Hindi expressions. Therefore, this wiki also contains many Hindi expressions.

Many yoga lovers also travel to India, the country of origin of yoga. You will come across many Hindi expressions that you would like to translate. A normal Hindi dictionary often takes little account of the needs of yoga practitioners and those who are interested in yoga in India. This is the best way to translate the Hindi expressions associated with yoga and Indian spirituality here in the wiki.

If you're looking to translate business Hindi, you've come to the right place. This yoga wiki will help you to translate more yoga / Ayurveda-Hindi.

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