Can soldiers have relationships with other soldiers?

If the husband / partner and father is a soldier ...

When a soldier has to work in a crisis area, that's the same
the whole family is affected - wives or mothers and also the children.
      For some years now, we have observed that the number of wives of soldiers on missions abroad who come to us with their children in an inpatient mother-child measure is increasing. Our experience shows that partnerships and relationships with children are particularly exposed to high levels of stress. The priorities in the treatment of these women and mothers differ significantly in some areas from those of the other women.
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Soldier families

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Measure 3 18.02. - 10.03.2020
Measure 5 01.04. - April 22nd, 2020
    As part of our inpatient work with mothers and children
So we meet families either with their husbands / fathers
  • is on an assignment abroad,
  • is back from an assignment or on home leave, or
  • whose deployment will take place shortly or
  • for whom there is the possibility of a convocation abroad.
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The women experience their immediate environment as unhelpful and feel with their own

Fears not understood. These fears are addressed with the partner,

but remain on a more objective level. The wife and mother of the children must be

inevitably create a balance; she tries to replace the partner and the

to fill in the "gap" that has arisen, not least especially for the children.


Often it is not clear how long the deployment of the husband and soldier will last.

Alienation and existential fears are often accompanying and burdensome

Issues for the soldiers' wives. Some women whose husbands were on duty report

of massive alienation, a changed behavior of the man as well as of

Addiction problems, alternating baths of excessive feelings (also towards the children),

Aggression, silence and inner absence.

       The women and mothers can cope with their everyday life with the children mostly well
however, she is always concerned about the man. At home leave become large / oversized
Set expectations. It is not uncommon for these to be disappointing on both sides
       The children - depending on their age - do not understand the father's absence and have
Difficulty when he goes away for a long time. Older children, in turn
are very worried about the father. Soldiers' children often show mental health problems.
These children suffer more from significant stress reactions and adjustment disorders.
The psychological stability of the mother can have a positive effect on the child's well-being
act. Often, however, this regulation is not given in these families and it
comes to the co-morbidity of the child.
       There are great uncertainties about how to deal with the changed life situation,
the changed behavior of the husband and father. Existential questions and questions of meaning
are of great importance. The women or mothers would like more of their own
Security, stability in dealing with this unsafe situation; also to help the children
Absence of the father to give support and stability. Are you looking for opportunities
to dissolve alienation without constantly exceeding one's own boundaries. you
want to support their husbands, keep the family together, but often do not know
as it is possible for them.
       For recovery or maintenance of health as well as the participation and participation of these families
our mother-child clinic Talitha offers a special treatment concept.
       The primary objective of such a measure is primarily the psychological and physical
Stabilization of the mother as an index patient and thus the preservation of her functionality
in her role as mother and an important "pillar" of the family.

We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on our concept on request.