Is Quora big in Australia

What is the difference between the famous elite units of the US military such as Green Berets, Navy Seals, Delta Force etc.? I have no idea why this question is being presented to me unsolicited as the question of the week on the Quora social network, I had specified “environment” and “sustainability” as the main topics, but well, nobody is perfect. Quora are very few in Germany, even though Quora was once traded as “the next big thing” - which then became Facebook. It's a shame, Quora provides answers to all kinds of knowledge questions. Also to environmental questions. The principle is a bit like it used to be with the Internet forums: Anyone can ask and whoever feels called to answer answers. How can we consume less and still make more money? Is the closure of 70 California parks this year really worth the $ 22 million saved? Why did Canada drop out of Kyoto Protocol?

There are a lot of questions of this kind at Quora, there is lively discussion, also very seriously, and anyone who, like the well-known climate skeptic Björn Lomborg, only dismisses German photovoltaics as expensive and inefficient, gets their fill. Better to answer the question: What could most people do to protect the environment, but they don't? The nine answers given then range from “Eat less meat” to puns like Reduce, reuse and then recycle, that is: reduce, reuse, then recycle. My favorite question at Quora right now: What is the most polluting thing that has ever existed?

The answer is: Thomas Midgley Junior, died in 1944. He harmed the environment more than any other living individual organism in the entire history of the earth. In the middle of the 20th century, Thomas Midgley invented leaded gasoline and the production of chlorofluorocarbons, chemicals whose effects on the environment we still have to grapple with today.

But to consider a scientist as part of evolutionary history, one has to come to that first, "my dear Mr. Choral Society". And if you want to know where the expression with the choral society comes from, then take a look at our SWR blog 1,000 answers. It's a kind of little quora in German. Also available as an iphone app.