What is elementary school 1

Free worksheets for elementary school

On our portal you will find various worksheets from many different areas. Most of them are there Teaching materials for primary school students suitable. However, with one or the other exercise, you may be able to use it in secondary level 1 or secondary level 2. However, this is more of an exceptional case, so that the focus of the copy templates is on the primary level. Here in Germany we speak of elementary school. This is roughly equivalent to the elementary school in Austria. This means that there is a lot of teaching material for elementary school on our website.

The Material for teaching we have divided it into different subjects. The most popular subjects are the Science classes, math, German and English. There are special categories in the individual school subjects so that you can find the right worksheet quickly and easily. For example, there are categories such as animals, weather or people in home and general education (also called HSU or specialist knowledge). In German lessons, the categories are divided into grammar and spelling and these in turn into parts of speech such as verbs, nouns and adjectives. This structure of the worksheets for the primary level enables you to find the right worksheet for your lesson planning without having to search for a long time. We also provide you with exercises for teaching dyslexia and dyscalculia as well as special tutoring worksheets.

In addition to all the exercises, you will find more with us Primary school material for teaching. With the worksheet generator you can automatically generate teaching material to print out for the subjects German, Maths and English. You can download the school holiday calendar and the timetable for free and hang it up at school or give it to the students to take home.

We hope that the preparation time for the lesson will be shortened a little by the teaching materials provided here and that the primary school students will be able to learn to write, read and arithmetic well. Ultimately, the topic of education should not be underestimated and represents the basic requirement for the later success of (almost) every student. We wish you a lot of fun with the exercises on our portal for elementary school!