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Stuttgart: Over 20 startups that everyone should know

Not only in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich there is a lively start-up scene, no, an exciting digital start-up scene has also emerged in Stuttgart in recent years - see also “German Startup Monitor - Stuttgart and Karlsruhe: B2B rule here -Start-ups ".

Stuttgart in general is not exactly a visual gem (except for the chic Schloßplatz), but offers some interesting universities and thus well-educated people, little competition when it comes to finding personnel and in some cases cheap rents in good locations. The disadvantages: Stuttgart is not a party center, which some find good, but many don't. In addition, the old economy is strong in Stuttgart, which also affects cities like Munich when it comes to start-up culture.

We now dare to take a short but nice walk through the lively and exciting Stuttgart digital and start-up world and introduce some old Stuttgart hands and a number of youngsters. Please suggest additions in the comments below the article.


Abiturma offers courses in mathematics to prepare for the Abitur during the autumn and spring break. Each tutor is specifically selected in order to be able to offer group tutoring.


AnyDesk wants to replace TeamViewer in terms of remote access to computers. The team is relying on a higher transmission speed, which should enable many new application scenarios.

Concept board

Conceptboard transfers the whiteboard to a laptop, TouchPad and iPad. Team members exchange documents, brainstorm and manage joint projects through the program.

earlybird coffee

earlybird coffee wants to supply the nation with “high quality and sustainable coffee and espresso”. “Life is too short for bad coffee” is the start-up's motto.


The edelight shopping community started back in 2006. The young company went to Burda in 2013 - for an eight-figure sum. edelight is a nucleus of the young Stuttgart start-up scene.


The dimago team wants to revolutionize the treatment of mentally ill people via app - according to their own presentation. The app records physiological signals from the patient via a wristband.


Dymatrix, a company that takes care of topics such as customer analytics, marketing automation and campaign management, is another big hit from Stuttgart.


GustoBag, a grocery box, offers connoisseurs and gourmets products from regional manufacturers. Anyone can indicate allergies and intolerances.

Girls flea market

The female target group can buy and, above all, sell used clothing and accessories on the attractive second-hand platform Mädchenflohmarkt.


There is Mawendo to support doctors and physiotherapists in the individualization of therapy plans. The target group of the platform includes doctors and physiotherapists.


The start-up MyCleaner, which became known throughout Germany through its appearance at “Die Höhle der Löwen”, has been offering a car cleaning service on site for several years.


MyCouchbox sends snack boxes for those with a sweet tooth. After ordering, chocolate, biscuits, drinks, chips and a non-food surprise will be delivered directly to your home in the post.


RegioHelden, a company for local internet advertising, is one of the great success stories from Stuttgart. The advertising giant Ströer took over the start-up last summer.


Reparando, a company run by Vincent Osterloh, Jakob Schoroth and Till Kratochwill, can best be described as a mobile repair service for smartphones.


Smoope wants to better network companies and customers. “We are currently offering an app for smartphones that enables consumers to enjoy‘ Service To Go ’,” the company announced.


Schnippbrief is aimed at companies that regularly write letters to their customers. “Standardized letters can be created in less than 30 seconds,” promises the start-up.

Spot gun

With Spotgun everyone can playfully bridge commercial breaks. At Spotgun, users can play against each other live and guess the brand behind a commercial.


Maultaschen from the refrigerated shelf just don't taste as good as Mutti's. Maultaschen configurator from Stuggi can fill their dumplings as they wish.


With the Synagram app, parents keep control over the whereabouts. In addition, Synagram offers an "emergency" function that children can use to report their position.


The young company Tocario enables small and medium-sized companies access to information technology and offers them and freelancers a cloud technology. sells vouchers for car washes throughout Germany. The former national soccer player Gerald Asamoah invested in the start-up back in 2013.

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Photo: Stuttgart (Germany) Castle Square in the city center in spring (May 2013) from Shutterstock

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