How big are Taiwanese dramas in China

What did Chinese people do in the past year when the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to stay home? Among other things, watched more entertainment content online. This emerges from the latest annual report from Tencent Video, one of the largest video streaming sites in China.

The users of the platform therefore spent an average of 133.9 minutes, i.e. over two hours, a day watching TV series, an increase of ten percent compared to 2019. Romantic series made up 36 percent of all 131 newly published television series of the Year out and surpassed all other genres.

Chinese TV series are also enjoying increasing popularity in the overseas market, driven by successful costume dramas such as “Three Lives Three Worlds”, “The Pillow Book” and “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”. According to the report, the number of subscribers to WeTV, the overseas version of Tencent Video available in more than 110 countries and regions, has increased 175 percent compared to 2019. TV time has increased by 300 percent. Shows with strong female roles enjoyed greater popularity, for example the hit series "Nothing But Thirty", "I Will Find You a Better Home" and "A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower". Also, according to the report, having a good quality trailer played a critical role in attracting viewers, as around 90 percent of overseas consumers made their choices based on the trailers.

But why are Chinese TV series attracting ever larger foreign audiences? Huang Dianlin, associate professor at the Communication Research Institute at China Media Communication University, said, “In addition to having a great story, Chinese series that can attract overseas audiences have a remarkable style in visual effects, costumes, and music mix. This is an important factor in attracting viewers from different cultures. "

He Tianping, a post-graduate student at China People's University, explains that costume and martial arts productions have always been the most competitive genres in Chinese film and television. From a cultural point of view, on the one hand, more and more high-quality Chinese TV series, reflecting the new contemporary style and the excellent traditional culture of China, gradually cultivated fans of Chinese TV series and even Chinese culture abroad, thus becoming an important window for the international dissemination of the become Chinese culture. On the other hand, this phenomenon reflects the attractiveness of Chinese stories and Chinese culture for the overseas markets. With the continuous improvement of China's cultural "soft power", the voice of Chinese culture abroad is getting louder and louder, He Tianping continued.