Why does Sandor Clegane carry two swords?

Game of Thrones: Whiskey in the style of the HBO series

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Now everyone is talking about it: Lillet! An aperitif that is very trendy and seems to suit everyone's taste. For some, this liqueur wine appeared out of nowhere, like Hugo back then. But what exactly is Lillet? Is it really a brand new phenomenon? At this point we would like to introduce the brand a little [...]

Winter Cocktails 2017 - Top 6 recipes with a wintry flair!

Winter is coming back in this country and exuding its icy breath over the country - what could be better than counteracting the cold with delicious winter cocktails 2017? The days are getting shorter and it is best to only leave the house with a scarf and hat. Anyone who has to sit in their cold car in the morning or [...]

The best champagne - the right one for every occasion

The best champagne. Champagne has been a prestige drink since the Middle Ages. The corks of the champagne are popped at every solemn occasion. But exactly what is so characteristic about him, his liveliness, was still considered a flaw in the beginning. Because like so many of the ingenious inventions, champagne was created by chance. Until [...]