What is Marilu Henner famous for?

"Two and a Half Men" star Marilu Henner suffers from a rare brain disease

Marilu Henner has a skill that nobody envies: the actress can remember every single day of her life. Now the 67-year-old has spoken about her rare brain disease.

In an interview with talk master Piers Morgan, Marilu Henner spoke about what it feels like to live with Hyperthymetic Syndrome (HSAM). Your brain can store an unbelievably large number of experiences. When asked by the presenter what she had done on August 16, 1977, the "Two and a Half Men" actress answered without any problems.

She considers her illness to be happiness

"Well, on August 16, 1977, I flew back home with my boyfriend from Las Vegas. My boyfriend was working at the Aladdin Hotel at the time. So I flew back and drove home from the airport, August 16 was a Tuesday at the time and on the car radio I heard that Elvis Presley had died, "explains Marilu Henner without hesitation.

The mime has been able to remember every day since her twelfth birthday. When scientists did an MRI of their brain, they found that it was nine areas larger than what humans usually do. However, the TV star himself does not see his illness as a fate, but as a gift. Thanks to her detailed memories of beautiful moments, she is always in a good mood.