Do you like licking armpits

If you like to be licked by a man, which of the mentioned places would you like it?

I follow a boy on insta (with a FAKE ACCOUNT, because I don't dare to write to guys with my own & I feel stupid when I send you pictures of myself) and looked at his pictures and I thought it was really hot, so I thought to myself I write to him. I know what to watch out for with a fake account and that guys hate that too! It will never know and I have pictures like this where you can't see a face. So here's our conversation: do you think he's a fuckboy (he just doesn't text me anymore even though he flirted so much and I've been waiting all the time for me not only to keep asking him questions)

me: hello:) how can it be that you are Serbian and play for a Hungarian football team and speak Hungarian so well (come from Hungary and write Hungarian, he has many pictures of himself in Belgrade, Budapest and Barcelona, ​​he can speak all 3 languages) me am Hungarian only live in Switzerland if you were wondering

he: hello sexy girls. Yes, you know that right. I like girls who are as smart as you;)

me: thank you oh and you can also speak spanish because there are so many languages

he: my tongue is good too;)

me: and your football skills also determined

he: dizzy

Do you like hot pudding. Because I do. Especially when my tongue can do it

me: yes me too

he: 1Date lick pudding?

me: sounds good. Only live in switzerland

He: is there (my faken name) taste too? I would try that out

me: yes there is haha ​​and his name is taste

he: yes only for you;)

me: I like it :)

he: and I like you. Do you have a picture of your face. Because we know your personality is bombs, but ..

me: you are so charming πŸ˜…

he: well then :) my charm deserves a picture

I: (can't, I'm fake so I'm writing); look out we can't work anyway live in Switzerland and will probably stay here too (no, actually want to go back the men there are much better at flirting with him than the Swiss and in general I like the mentality there just incidentally) and you him Spain , Hungary or Serbia. But I think you're a damn good guy

he: sends me a picture of 2 girls (!!!) in the exit who are frightened and hold out their hand to their mouth


He didn't write anything even though he saw it

me: how do you understand this picture

he: a picture of you

me: no that you sent me

he: what picture?

me: which you sent me yesterday at 11:41 pm

he: what was on it?

I; You know that! 2 girls

He: yes?

I was at the exit and my cell phone wasn't always with me

Me: I was wondering how a handsome boy like you couldn't have girlfriends

he: there are some

Me: I can imagine and what else do you do in your free time

he: what not

me: example?

he: cinema