Satan is a creation of the Church

The power of satan

The Catholic Church believes in the devil as a person and ascribes great power to him. But in the end the kingdom of God will prevail, the Bible promises. But there is still a power struggle between good and bad.

About twenty places in the Catechism of the Catholic Church speak of the devil. Contrary to the opinion of many Catholics, the Church does believe in a person when she speaks of evil. According to the Catechism (2851), Satan the devil is meant as a person in the prayer of our Father "deliver us from evil".

Good and bad angels

The Church teaches that Satan was first a good angel created by God. "The devils and the other demons were created by God according to their nature good, but they themselves became evil." Throughout the centuries of church history, many artists have shown a great deal of imagination when it comes to depicting the devil. In some old churches and chapels you can still see impressive representations of "fallen angels" who bring people into the fire of hell.

The Bible speaks of the sin of the fallen angels who became devils. Their sin consisted in their free choice to fundamentally and irrevocably reject God and his kingdom. In this rejection the devil tries again and again to try his disastrous influence on God's creation.

Fight the devil

Point 394 of the Catholic Catechism states that Christ appeared to destroy the works of the devil who, with his lying temptations, led people to disobey God. All Christians oppose the devil at baptism. This pledge is repeated every Easter Vigil. With the candle in hand, the whole assembled congregation opposes the evil one.

The devil is powerful

However, the power of Satan is not infinite, the Catechism comforts. The devil is only a creature, though mighty because he is pure spirit. But he cannot prevent the building of the kingdom of God. "Satan is in the world out of hatred of God. His actions bring terrible spiritual and indirect physical damage to every person and every society. That God allows the devil to act is a great secret. But the Bible also has a word of comfort in Romans of the Apostle Paul: "We know that God leads everything to good with those who love him"