How does the drama reflect real life

Event series
BioFiction - Where does real life end?

A coproduction of the integrative theater studio Kroog II, Moscow, and the Theater Thikwa, Berlin

Do invented stories reflect your own reality more sharply and clearly than told biographies? The German-Russian co-production “BioFiction - Where Does Real Life End?” Investigates this question in a unique way. The binational ensemble consists of four Russian actresses and four German actors with mental and physical peculiarities. In their piece, which they developed together with the directors Andrej Afonin and Gerd Hartmann, the different life experiences of disabled people in different cultures play a role as well as the desire to design candy-colored to abysmal fantasy worlds. With manga characters, half-true memories and science fiction stories, the German and Russian performers work their way through splinters of their own biographies, tell about wishes and hopes and dance their way through their youth films. And Zumo and Etna, the two extraterrestrials, meanwhile communicate with each other with signs and wide gazes.

With: Alsu Abdullina, Addas Ahmad, Svetlana Gavrilina, Karol Golebiowski, Marina Koslowa, Tim Petersen, Peter Pankow, Eugenia Skokowa | Live translation: Boris Dobrowolski | Live music: Kazuhisa Uchihashi | Director: Gerd Hartmann / Andrej Afonin | Stage: Isolde Wittke | Costume: Heike Braitmayer | Light design: Ralf Arndt | Video design and live video: Maria Campos Gisbert
Thikwa Theater
The Thikwa Theater is “Germany's most famous theater in which people with and without disabilities play theater together” (Kulturradio). The actors develop and present dance and text theater, comedy meets experiment. A particular focus is on cross-genre formats that are looking for new ways of working and aesthetic forms in collaboration between disabled and academically trained artists. Thikwa is regularly invited to festivals, guest performances and conferences around the world and also carries out numerous international cooperation projects.

Theater studio Kroog II
The Kroog II theater studio has existed since 1997 and is the only professional Russian theater where people with disabilities perform. In 2016, the development of a non-profit creative space based on the model of a “theater workshop” began. The aim is for adults with disabilities to be artistically active and for their work to be publicized. In 2014, “Kroog II” was awarded the Russian National Theater Prize “Golden Mask” and the international “Philanthropist” prize in the “Theater Arts” category.



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