Why do some churches have gargoyle statues

Gothic interior design - a unique style if you have a lot of space

The Gothic interior design

The Gothic style has its influences from Roman and medieval architecture. It is mainly characterized by the elaborate patterns and materials that are often used in the two styles. For example, stained and carved wood, stained glass and wrought iron. The design style was popular from 1150 to 1550 and was eventually revived by the Victorians in the 1900s.

Features of Gothic interior design

Here are some of the highlights of Gothic interior design that you will find attractive:

1. The Gothic interior design makes use of dark shades such as maroon, navy blue, dark brown, and the like.

2. Furniture, such as the sofa in the living room, can have black or other dark-colored upholstery. Pillows should be contrasting and red, white, or purple.

3. It is common to see red or gold crosses on the wall, or medieval tapestries on the mantelpiece. Statues of gargoyles can be seen either on either side of the sofa or the fireplace.

4. The rooms have large Palladian, lace or tracery style windows. The chandeliers are usually made of wrought iron.

History of Gothic interior design