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Gina Raimondo: The woman who has to deal with Trump's trade wars

The woman is hardly known, but she will soon play a central role in world politics: Gina Raimondo, 49 years old, previously governor of the small state of Rhode Island, will be America's new trade minister. On Tuesday the Senate confirmed it after an hour-long hearing, with 84 to 15 votes, Democrats and Republicans were largely in agreement. Raimondo succeeds Wilbur Ross - an architect of the trade wars in the Donald Trump era.

In Rhode Island, Raimondo once pushed through a major pension cut against resistance from the trade unions and has since been considered a tough fighter for the interests of the economy. It is now taking over one of the most important authorities in the USA. The Department of Commerce employs 43,000 people and has an annual budget of $ 8 billion. All sorts of things fall under his responsibility: drafting industrial standards, granting fishing rights, weather forecasting - and America’s customs policy.

One of the most important questions at the start of Raimondo's tenure is what will become of the tariffs on steel and aluminum that the country imposed in June 2018. They were Trump's first economic attack on Europe. And they were an insult. Because Raimondo's predecessor Ross developed the notorious argument that the import of the metals threatened the national security of the USA - allied states, including Germany, were suddenly considered a danger.

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