What is the color of fear


The color of fear

Germany 2008, crime thriller, ages 12 and up

on March 24th, 2009 from tabea.b (13), editor Hansa GYM (K), book

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What to do if you have no friends and have just moved? - Marc thinks: It’s easy to be part of a gang! -Whether that is a good solution ???


Marc is supposed to suddenly live in another city and go to another school. How does he pass his time in this place? He's spying on a kind of gang in his class that consists of Heiko, Tobias and Felix. He really wants to be part of it. That's why he does everything they say. It is not entirely clear to him that these are very bad things to be forced into. He thinks it's a test of courage, but in reality it's different ...
One day something terrible happens: Marc is part of it, so to speak, but is still treated badly by the others. When one day he is in the shell, the meeting point for them, Felix does something cruel! He abuses Marc's ex-girlfriend, but Marc still loves her. Marc is beside himself with anger, he blindly beats Felix until his head hits a wall and lies dead on the floor. Things take their course ...


I find this book with the ugly cover picture far too hard for 13 year olds because it is about violent, brutal bullying, manslaughter and, in the end, even cruel rape. There are other things like falling in love and stress with parents, but this is not always positive either. Nevertheless, the book is well written and, as the author himself says in an interview, deals with an important topic of course: loneliness.


A book for young people who like to read brutally tough crime novels and who are at least 14 years old.