Should I play the lottery online for free?

Play the lottery for free

There are a number of providers who advertise that you can play the lottery for free. The following should be said about this: Even if these offers are labeled "Lotto" or even "Lotto 6 out of 49" or something similar, they usually have nothing to do with the German Lotto that you can find at the kiosk next door the lottery office or, for some time now, has been able to play online again. It is rather the case that these providers offer their own lottery, in which you can then play. This can be recognized by the fact that lottery numbers are drawn every day, although the "normal" lottery is known to only take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Why can these providers offer lottery, although games of chance - apart from those permitted by the state - are banned on the Internet? Are all of these offers illegal? No, these offers are (as a rule) not illegal, but simply permitted. (This is not to rule out that there are also illegal offers. There are even plenty of them. But we will not talk about them here.) The reason why these lottery games are legal is very simple: the legislature makes a purely legal distinction between Luckyplay and Profitplay. Games of chance are prohibited (or require explicit approval), while competitions are generally permitted. The difference is that in a game of chance you have to make a (paid) stake in order to be able to participate, in other words: you pay money to play. Contests, on the other hand, are characterized by the fact that you do not make any use and can participate free of charge. Therefore, the offering and advertising of competitions is still allowed - also on the Internet.

In the normal 6 out of 49 lottery, the winnings from part of the stakes are distributed to the lottery players and another part goes to the state or is used for social projects, sports clubs, etc.
But how does it work with a free lottery? Where does the provider get the money for the winnings if he has not collected any bets beforehand? The answer is simple: such offers are usually financed by advertising, so that the money for the profits is generated through advertising. In addition, these providers often also have other products on offer, but these are then chargeable. Participation in the free lottery does not usually require that you have to use other paid services.

So can you play in such a free lottery? From a purely legal point of view, the answer is, in my opinion, a resounding yes, because, as stated above, the event and participation are permitted. Since you don't pay a stake, you can't get yourself into financial difficulties by participating, and the subject of gambling addiction shouldn't be an issue here either. From this point of view, too, nothing speaks against participation in general. But you should read the conditions of participation, the terms and conditions and the information on data protection carefully. On the one hand, so that you don't suddenly have bought the proverbial washing machine through some small print and on the other hand, to check what the provider does with the personal data and to whom they may pass the data on. If the data is passed on, everyone can then decide for themselves whether they want to accept this or whether they prefer not to participate in the free lottery.

"Free" as a promotion for real lottery

Some providers offer another way to play the lottery for free in order to win new customers. These providers have a German license and offer - as an online lottery acceptance point, so to speak - the real lottery 6 out of 49. In order to win as many new customers as possible or reactivate existing customers, they then start campaigns in which you can receive a voucher or submit a tip for free. Usually this is linked to certain conditions, as you know from other online shops or businesses.
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