What color is turquoise

The color cyan or turquoise

The color cyan is also known under the names turquoise, aquamarine and blue-green. It's a color between green and blue.
While for us cyan is more of a color from the printing industry, we associate turquoise with the water in a lagoon. Longings for vacation are awakened, for paradise, freshness and clarity.

Properties associated with cyan / turquoise

Positive: Sociability, clarity, intellectual openness, friendship, communication, inventiveness, grace, self-confidence, humor, charm

Negative: Self-centeredness, coolness, aloofness, self-will, addiction to recognition

Cyan / turquoise in physics, nature and society

In the light spectrum, the color cyan lies between the wavelengths 482 and 492 nm. In the RGB color space (additive color mixing), cyan results from the mixture of blue and green. In the subtractive color mixture (CMYK color space), which is important for printing, cyan is one of the primary colors. In nature, we encounter cyan as the color of sky, water and ice. The name turquoise is derived from the semi-precious stone of the same name.

The water basins in swimming pools are very tiled in turquoise, because then the water looks clear and clean.

The color turquoise is perceived as the coldest of all colors.

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