How should a beginner learn Japanese

Nice that you found your way here. Some time ago I also wanted to learn Japanese. And there are many reasons for this: Anime films, Japanese culture, a trip to Japan and much more!

But shortly afterwards you face the following problem: How do i start? With such a complex and for Europeans mystical, almost cryptographic language like Japanese, this is not so easy either. The range of learning materials and courses appears to be relatively small at first, so it is difficult to find a good way to learn Japanese quickly and easily to be able to.

I created this page in order to my experiences and found treasures to share with you while learning Japanese. So this site is absolutely suitable for beginners and of course free of charge. I would like to try to bring you closer to the following topics in particular:

The Japanese language

You should know that you can't just learn Japanese on a whim. I would like to explain to you here what you are getting yourself into, so that you can assess whether this is right for you. But I don't want to spoil your mood either, because especially when learning Japanese you quickly have a sense of achievement, because it's great when you can suddenly read these strange characters that have always seemed so completely foreign to you before - and it's faster than you think! Japanese is certainly so interesting because relatively few speak it, at least in Germany, and you almost learn a "secret language".

The beginning

Most of the time, you don't even know how to start learning Japanese. After all, that's something completely different from learning English, French or Spanish. There are many ways to learn Japanese. For example, you can learn to speak first and then to write, or vice versa. I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages so that you can then decide which way you want to go. The materials, which I will deal with in the next answer, are particularly important here.

Learning materials

There are far fewer learning resources and, especially in German, there are fewer good books and websites for learning Japanese. So it is a great advantage if you can speak English, but even if you don't, I'll give you that best options show me how to start, because I also started learning Japanese once and I know how difficult it is to find the right materials for it!