How many nationalities will it have

New figures on the population in Berlin : 35 percent of Berliners have a migration background

The Berlin population is becoming more and more international. The proportion of residents with foreign roots is now 35 percent, as can be seen from the figures from the Office of Statistics for 2019. Ten years ago, at the end of 2009, there were around 25 percent of residents with a migration background, i.e. with a foreign nationality or origin. Since then, there has been about one percentage point added every year.

Of the currently 3.77 million Berliners, 2.45 million are Germans without a migration background. 1.32 million people have foreign roots. 543,000 of these people have a German passport and 777,000 are foreigners.

Of the around 1.3 million Berliners with a migration background, 417,000 come from EU countries, most of them from Poland (114,000). 182,000 people have roots in Turkey and 154,000 in the Arab states. 145,000 people come from countries of the former Soviet Union.

This is what it looks like in the districts

The district with the highest proportion of people with a migration background is Mitte (54 percent) with the districts of Wedding and Gesundbrunnen. In second place is Neukölln with a share of 47 percent. Treptow-Köpenick has the lowest value (17 percent).

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According to the official figures, almost exactly 400,000 more people lived in Berlin at the end of 2019 than at the end of 2009. Of these, almost 320,000 were foreigners, many of whom had moved to Berlin because of their jobs.

The capital is currently growing more slowly than in previous years. At the end of 2019 there were around 20,000 more people than a year earlier. That was the lowest increase in the past ten years. The average growth in those years was around 40,000. (dpa)

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