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From left: Richard E. Zinkiewicz (Director of Int. Operations QI Group), former Prime Minister of Tanzania Hon. Frederick Sumaye with his wife, Michael Sander (OBTAINER-Founder)

Under this motto, the companies QuestNet and The V, both companies of the QI group of companies, invited to their annual international event, the so-called "V-Con". More than 10,000 partners from all over the world accepted the company's invitation - and yet many readers are sure to ask: “Who is QuestNet? What is The V? " OBTAINER also wanted to pursue this question - and many other open questions. So what could be more obvious than attending the mega event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? If you only expect a short event report at this point, you will have to be disappointed. In fact, one of the largest and most successful MLM companies in the world is to be analyzed in more detail here - but of course the event will also be reported. But like every journey, it begins with the first step. The step into a world beyond the G8 states, beyond the supposedly large industrial nations. A journey into the real world - the world of global network marketing.

In many countries around the world, network marketing is still something foreign, something unknown. Anyone who is one of the pioneers in such countries will get into uncomfortable situations faster than you think. One only needs to remember when AMWAY fought in court in the USA for many years and during this time was put on the same level as dubious or even criminal companies by many sales companies that did not come from network marketing. This fate is still shared by companies that are active in countries that do not yet have a legal basis for MLM or that generally have different conditions than in the large industrialized nations. QuestNet is one of these pioneers. Whether in Samoa Island, Sudan, Iran or Uzbekistan: QuestNet is active in many countries in the world where hardly any MLM companies have been active so far, because the fear of conflicts with governments or other institutions (e.g. the church) is too great .

But maybe you just have to take a step back in time. Who or what is QuestNet anyway? The company's roots go back well over 10 years. In the mid-1990s, a company started from the USA with a simple and simple idea: selling gold or gold coins. The success was gigantic, which probably prompted the founders to leave the company as soon as possible. Many highly motivated business partners remained, some of whom are still in the gold or gold coin business today, e.g. the two Germans Dirk Oelrich and Dieter Scheppeit with Securitas Aurum. Others, on the other hand, took the opportunity and rode the wave of GoldWings (that was the name of the company from the USA) and again drove many networkers out of their money in order to get away with it. Probably the best-known case is the VANILLA company around Daniel Deubelbeiss, who cheated around 100,000 people across Europe out of many millions of euros.

But there was also a group of people in Asia who were more than fascinated by the idea of ​​the gold coin business. The reason is simple: buying gold coins gives you lasting value that you can also earn money with. Hardly any other product has this simple and simple strategy of lasting value. This is how Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark founded the Goldquest company. The big difference to many other "gold diggers" was that both had a long-term vision and always knew that gold coins are a good start, but in the long term a network marketing company can only function with many good products and also with consumer products. In the course of time, Goldquest became QuestNet and QuestNet finally became QNet on June 24, 2010.

Today, a number of companies worldwide belong to the so-called QI Holding. In addition to QNet, above all the company "The V", which is exclusively dedicated to the education and training of over 6 million sales partners worldwide. The V is headed by Pathman Senathirajah, one of 12 so-called V partners, i.e. people who were significantly involved in setting up the sales organization. But also many other companies such as Bonvo (a travel agency), QVI (operator of holiday resorts all over the world), QI Comm (telecommunications) and also the traditional Swiss watch manufacturer Cimier belong to the group of companies. From the former vision of the two founders, a multinational company has emerged that is not only very successful in network marketing.

Nevertheless - or perhaps because of it - there are of course many critics. QNet is a pyramid scheme is the harmless variant that all companies in network marketing deal with on a daily basis. But the situation at QNet is a little different, because the criticism often comes from within, i.e. from the industry. This criticism is particularly sharp in the Gulf regions. This closes the circle, because here in particular QNet was one of the absolute pioneers. The Gulf states (the so-called GCC states) have rapidly developed into an economic metropolitan area in the last 10 to 15 years and have passed many laws and regulations. Today it is not possible in all regions to own a piece of land as a foreigner. The Emirate of Ajman, which, like Dubai, belongs to the UAE, only introduced this option in 2009. Other countries are still a long way from being ready to open up internationally.

One of these countries is definitely Iran. While the country is more or less known in the Western perception for political issues and sanctions, the reality is very different. The Persians, as many Iranians still call themselves today, are a major economic power, not only because of oil and gas, but also because of their millennia-old trading tradition. However, as all CEOs of multinational corporations will agree, doing business in or with Iran is not easy. Internationally, the divine state often had to put up with the charge of arbitrariness. But it was in this country that QNet started its business in the Gulf region many years ago. The power of network marketing combined with the Persian relationship management was incredible. Networkers made millions of dollars in just a few months. That, of course, got the authorities involved. In 2005, for example, the company was closed in Iran without giving any further reasons.

In Tehran, people conveniently referred to the fact that the company was actually an “illegal pyramid game” and that these were even banned in the USA. The same arbitrariness was used against the Oriflame company in Iran, which also built over 90,000 consultants in the Persian Empire within a year. The accusation that QNet was made: The company allegedly had over 500 million US dollars out of the country. That was the company's sales in Iran. A turnover that many companies do not even achieve worldwide.

On closer inspection you can see that QNet is - like all serious companies in network marketing - at the mercy of arbitrariness and the lack of laws. QNet had similar experiences in Jordan, Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. Sometimes an office took longer to open than the government was in power - and the new government arbitrarily changed the existing treaties. Something that companies in other areas also know and which is part of the daily business of large multinational corporations. Offices are being closed and reopened, agents and sponsors (as they are needed for every company in all Arab countries) come and go, ask for more or simply disappear. That is the reality - but QNet and all companies in the QI Group face this reality and do everything in their power to exhaust all legal options in order to create the best possible basis. OBTAINER was assured of this in a conversation between our founder Michael Sander and Dato Vijay Eswaran, but more on that later.

Let's come back to Kuala Lumpur. More precisely in the Putra Stadium, which is in the "National Sports Complex of Bukit Jalil" or, as they say in Bahasa, in the "Compleks Sukan Negara" in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. In the immediate vicinity is the Nasional Bukit Jalil Stadium, which with almost 85,000 seats is the tenth largest football stadium in the world and one of the 25 largest stadiums in the world. But the event (still) took place in the Putra Stadium. A total of around 10,000 guests came from over 50 countries.

The greatest interest for OBTAINER was the so-called EXPO, i.e. the exhibition of all products that can be sold by the sales partners. The big reproach of all critics is still that there are no products. Well: All visitors to the EXPO were able to convince themselves of the complete opposite. Food supplements, water filter systems, vacation trips to our own resorts around the world, jewelry, watches and many other product categories convinced all visitors that the signs clearly point to expansion. But JR Mayer, Managing Director of QNet and who grew up in Germany, made it immediately clear that QNet does not want to make things too complicated for consultants: “The more products and product categories are available, the more sales our consultants can make, but there are also many products a risk of losing focus. We are therefore working flat out to create a unique e-commerce company where customers and sales partners can choose their products. ”The idea is simple. Similar to how Amazon has developed from a bookstore to a true e-commerce giant, QNet uses the powerful synergy of network marketing and e-commerce to create a unique business model. “In the future, customers will not only be able to book their trip in their own online travel agency, but may also spend it in the company's own top resort. In this way we can maximize the earnings of our partners and the customer gets everything from a single source, ”explains Danna Imson, CEO of QNet. The development towards an e-commerce company is also one of the reasons why the company reinvented itself and changed the name from QuestNet to the simpler QNet.

But in addition to many products and views of what the millions of sales partners can expect, there was also plenty of time for trainings, panel discussions and of course unbelievable show acts. International artists from the Asian region, top athletes, top networkers and of course the company's visionaries gave everything on five days from early morning until late at night, so that one could really speak of a real “firework of information”. Despite everything, the clear highlight of the event was the appearance of a guest speaker from Australia. We're talking about Nick Vujicic. Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs and is still and mainly because of this one of the most sought-after speakers in the entire Asia-Pacific region and in North and South America. Unfortunately, it is little known in Europe so far, but hopefully that should change soon. OBTAINER founder Michael Sander was fascinated by Nick Vujicic: “In 2009 alone I was at 46 events all over the world and saw many top speakers, including Chris Gardner. But Nick Vujicic is unique. Definitely the best speaker I've ever seen and I can hardly imagine that Nick will ever be topped by anyone! "

However, some of the other speakers were also world class. Above all the two founders Joseph Bismark, whose roots can actually be traced back to the "iron chancellor" Count Otto von Bismarck, and Dato Vijay Eswaran. As the final speaker of each day, the latter managed to inspire the audience again and again. On the fringes of the event there were ample opportunities to speak to many visitors. OBTAINER founder Michael Sander used these opportunities to take some souvenir photos. For example with the "Knights", a team of Qnet partners from the Arab world. Jordan, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia and others are countries where the Knights are active. Many new friendships were also made. For example with Frederick Sumaye, former Prime Minister of Tanzania, who is now stopping by OBTAINER in Dubai for a short visit and also issued an invitation to Tanzania. All in all, it was a successful event, which was characterized above all by a unique spirit. At the end of the event there was a longer conversation between Michael Sander and Dato Vijay Eswaran, which is said to have included European expansion among other things. Unfortunately, our founder did not want to comment on this topic any further. A company like QNet would certainly be an asset to the European market and it should remain exciting for our readers. Detailed photos and videos from the event can be found in the 07/2010 issue, which will be published in July 2010. Our conclusion: QNet has done its homework well and - despite difficulties in some countries around the world - according to the current state of knowledge of the OBTAINER editorial team, it must be clearly classified as a serious MLM company. The further development is also very positive and at the latest when the company starts operating in Europe and the USA and encounters countries where there are clear laws, the last critics should fall silent. Even now, the company is already a member of the DSA in Singapore, and that country is known for its tough legislation. The business opportunity with QNet is real, the company has a tight organizational structure and many top networkers with high seven- and six-figure monthly incomes. But many thousands of consultants also earn a good five- and six-figure annual income. In the end, QNet is a company that has to be classified in the top 25 of the entire industry worldwide and a company with gigantic potential. Next, the countries Japan, Brazil and Australia will be focused, but the USA and Europe are also on the agenda. The QNet sales partners agree: "We are one!" And they chanted this loudly at the end of the event, while an amazing fireworks display lit up the night over the beautiful sky of Kuala Lumpur.
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