When does Supernatural end its series?

The end of Supernatural: we look back!

After 15 seasons and 327 episodes, the Winchester story comes to an end. We have the final of Supernatural taken as an opportunity to take a look back.

Pudding! Hi guys! Dean! Cas! Good Morning Vietnam! Balls!

Do you have scenes in your head and hear the distinctive voices in your ear? Granted, the last example came from the English original, where it's Bobby's verbal trademark, but I'm sure many of you have recognized that too. Every major franchise has these identifiers, and we are all familiar with most of them. Of course you can Supernatural not in the spheres of one Starwars lift, 15 years running time and a loyal fan base can definitely be seen. Now get up on Sunday Sky the grand finale in Germany too, a series era is coming to an end. Reason enough to take a look back.

John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has disappeared! After his son Dean (Jensen Ackles) is unable to track down his missing father on his own, he is looking for his younger brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) and asks them for help. From then on, the two of them go about the family business together: Hunt monsters and save people. It is the beginning of an adventurous journey ...

As the series first broadcast on US TV on September 13, 2005 nobody could have foreseen this unusual longevity. Supernatural was never a big hit or a crowd puller. But the series succeeded in something that even made great successes like the Walking Dead have to nibble on: Stable quotas for 15 years.

The series was initially designed by creator Eric Kripke with a self-contained plot for only five seasons. But even within this time, the series gathered a loyal fan base. Despite the planned finale, the series was extended by a 6th season. And then another and another. With its 11th season it was Supernatural to the longest-running US series in the field of sci-fi and fantasy of all time!

A total of 327 episodes and 15 years later, their story has been told to the end. On November 19, 2020, Sam and Dean went on their last hunt in the USA. In Germany the series first appeared on October 23, 2006 premiere broadcast and ran from October 15, 2007 on ProSieben on free TV. At that time you had to wait at least a year before the latest episodes from the USA could also be seen here. In case of Supernatural also like two years. Can you still imagine that today? And just to put it in perspective: The first global smartphone, the iPhone, was released in 2007. No Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. Supernatural is like a series from another time. Despite a continuous red thread in the story, it had a classic "Monster of the Week" concept and, with the exception of season 3, always at least 20 episodes per season. A concept that is rarely used today at Supernatural but worked for 15 years. What's the secret of this series?

Above all, you have to mention the two Winchester brothers here. From the first to the last episode, it's that excellent chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Acklesthat the series has worn for 15 years. In season 4, Misha Collins joined as Angel Castiel and turned the sympathetic duo into an extremely entertaining trio. With these three you always felt a bond in front of the camera, which was also carried over to the audience. If you work with the same people from morning to evening for many years over a number of months and then spend your vacation with them, that definitely speaks for a pretty good working relationship.

Over the years a family developed that also extended to the fans: The SPN Family. The fact that all three do not shy away from contact with the fans and provide entertainment on a number of occasions and conventions also outside the series and always demonstrate closeness to the fans has also contributed to creating this close relationship.

This relationship between fans and the series was also evident in 2015 when Jared Padalecki spoke publicly about his depression and launched the "Always Keep Fighting" campaign to raise awareness of mental problems and depression and to support organizations that deal with them Deal with problems. The campaign was pushed to a large extent by the fans and for many this was a point of contact in itself to talk about their problems or even thoughts of suicide and to seek help.

It has added to the popularity and strength of Supernatural contributed to the fact that over the years the series has also included such topics and even the fans themselves in the stories.

Nowhere is this more evident than in a very special storyline that has been around since Supernatura Season 4 pulls through almost all other seasons. Which series can claim to have actively built their fan base into the story? Over time, the creators have created a creative way that allows them to tell pretty much any story, no matter how crazy or wacky they may be. Self a Deadpool can still learn a lot from here. This is how many memorable episodes came about. It would be extremely difficult to put together a top 10 from all of them, so here's a look at some of the craziest Supernatural-Consequences:

In season 3 episode 3 Bad Day at Black Rock Sam and Dean find out that someone has stolen a cursed artifact from their father: a rabbit's paw. Those who own them are incredibly lucky. If you lose them, however, even your own shoelaces can become a death trap. And Sam gets to feel these effects on his own body, while Dean is allowed to unleash his inner Batman.

In season 3 episode 11 And greetings every day ... / Mystery Spot Sam has to watch how Dean keeps dying. Just to wake up the same morning that day. Sam goes through the same day over and over and cannot change anything about Dean's death, no matter what he does. And the marmot greets you every day in a supernatural way.

Season 4 episode 5 Monsterfilm / Monster Movie was shot completely in black and white and serves as an homage to the monster films of old Hollywood. At an Oktoberfest, Sam and Dean investigate strange murders. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrators were a vampire, a werewolf and a mummy. The brothers come across a shapeshifter with a penchant for old Hollywood films.

"Supernatural is shot in front of a live audience." What WandaVision can could Supernatural ten years ago. In Season 5 Episode 8 On Earth As In Heaven / Changing Channels the brothers are caught in a strange reality. Here they jump from one television series to the next and always have to play their roles. Be it a sitcom, a hospital drama or a thriller where you put on your sunglasses as cool as possible in slow motion at night. Even around Knight Rider the two of them can't get around, whereby one of them has to take on the role of the talking car!

In season 8, episode 11, Bloody Game / LARP and the real Girl a murder leads the brothers to a place called Moondoor, where a live action role-playing game takes place in a medieval fantasy world full of cosplayers. Here they meet their old friend Charlie, who turns out to be Queen of Moondoor. Together they plunge into the LARP world and try to find out which magical creature is up to mischief here. And Dean may be a heroic one Braveheart-Hold a discourse.

In season 8 episode 8 Consumed Presence / Hunteri Heroici mysterious incidents occur. A black circle on the wall that someone escaped through. An anvil that fell on someone's head. Hearts that jump out of the chest in the shape of a heart. Sam and Dean find themselves in a case where cartoon and reality collide.

Season 9 Episode 5 Dog Days / Dean dog afternoon: A murder case and the only witness is a dog. The questioning turns out to be difficult, so the brothers use a spell that enables Dean to understand and talk to all the animals around him. This sometimes leads to a dispute with a pigeon or to nagging the postman.

In season 11 episode 8 Just in my imagination Sam gets a surprise visit from Sully, his imaginary friend from childhood. He explains to the brothers that he is a being called Zanna who is there to help children. Sully turns to the brothers for help after someone bloody kills other Imaginary friends. An episode full of glitter.

Season 13 episode 16 ScoobyNatural is perhaps the craziest episode in the series. In a very special series crossover, Sam, Dean and Castiel are sucked into the television and suddenly find themselves as cartoon characters in Scooby Doo! Together with the Scooby gang, they investigate a mysterious case and hope to get back to reality. The episode was created in collaboration with the makers of the Scooby Doo cartoon series.

The Ghostfacers, the yellow fever, good night stories. You can think of many more memorable episodes. Aside from the crazy episodes just mentioned, there are of course many more that could be highlighted. We don't want to go unmentioned at least three.

First of all, there is Season 5 episode 22 swan song. Here comes the grand finale in the apocalypse, when Sam and Dean try to prevent the fight between Lucifer and Michael. This episode was supposed to be the series finale and it would work wonderfully as that. Here Eric Kripke finishes his story, which was laid out for 5 seasons, and brings it to a satisfactory conclusion. After the series was extended, Kripke handed over the showrunner's scepter and the ending of the episode was slightly altered to create a cliffhanger.

Also the consequence Season 11 baby is a very special one. Everything here revolves around the beloved Impala, who has been part of the show from the very beginning and acts as the third main actor, so to speak. We experience this episode completely from the perspective of the car, which provides very special insights and offers many beautiful scenes. A wonderful memorial to this important element of the show.

In season 14, the series reached the 300th episode another milestone. In Family reunion / Lebanon Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns as John Winchester for the first time since the season 2 finale, making for a very special family reunion. The two brothers can finally spend some time with their parents and finally say goodbye to their father. A whole episode simply for the heart.

However, not a special episode, but a very special storyline stands above all else. From season 4, the fan base was incorporated into the series and was henceforth part of the world of itself Supernatural. In the 18. Episode Das Monster am Ende des Buch / The Monster at the End of this Book By chance Sam and Dean discover the novel series "Supernatural" in a comic book store, which is based on their experiences and has gathered a small but loyal fan base around them. The books were written by a strange man named Chuck. He turns out to be a prophet of the Lord and is chosen to write the Winchester Gospel.

This storyline will appear in season 5 with the episode The Real Ghostbusters continued. Sam and Dean end up on the hunt for a ghost in a hotel and come across something unexpected: One Supernatural-Convention full of fans and cosplayers dressed as Sam and Dean. The two even have to attend a panel in which Chuck answers questions from fans, much to the displeasure of the two brothers.

More meta is hardly possible? There's always more to this series.

The Supernatura-Episode Above us only heaven / The French Mistake from season 6 took the whole thing to extremes: Sam and Dean are thrown through a window and when they land on the floor, they are suddenly on the real set of Supernatural. You are in another reality where Supernatural is just a series. Sam and Dean must now play Jared Padalecki and Jansen Ackles, who in turn play Sam and Dean in a series. Misha Collins then wrote a tweet, which was then based on the real one Twitter landed. In addition, the brothers find out all sorts of strange things about the two actors and the fan base is not neglected here either. The climax of the episode is then used to say goodbye to Eric Kripke, the showrunner for the first five seasons: he is shot pretty exaggerated and theatrical. Deadpool wasn't even as crazy as this!

In Season 10 was the 200th episode with Fan Faction the series. Sam and Dean are investigating a case at a school and it just so happens that a supernatural musical is being played right here by fans. Fan fiction, sub-texts between Sam and Dean, the fans' desire for a love affair between Dean and Castiel. The episode is full of innuendos and a celebration of the series as well as a bow to the fans.

These Supernatural-Storyline within Supernatural continues in so many other episodes. However, they are not only used to set individual highlights. They show, how important the fan base is for the series. So important that this very storyline has an even bigger impact from season 14 and even leads to the grand finale in season 15. Since probably not everyone has seen the last two seasons, we don't want to reveal too much.

So now your journey ends.

The finale of the series is definitely an emotional one and, as we think, a worthy one. The makers have each other for the same two final episodes decided: The penultimate episode serves as the season finale and the last episode as the series finale. Due to the corona, production had to be paused for several months and some compromises had to be made in the final. But the way it is, you can still live with it.

The longest road trip in series history comes to an end. 15 exciting, funny, but also very emotional years are behind us. It was a wild trip and it will be interesting to see if it will go on again at some point, Padalecki and Ackles have not yet completely finished with the Winchesters and a future return is anything but impossible. Carry on!