Who is the CPRO at Indian Railways

Well, GPS-activated fog safety devices in the trains to cope with delay, increase speed

Around 60 trains are behind schedule, while 18 have been rescheduled and 14 canceled in foggy weather. (Source: Twitter / ANI)

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In order to avoid delays and the cancellation of trains because of the zero visibility in the thick winter fog, the Indian Railways has initiated the installation of fog protection devices in the northern trains. The device, a GPS-based system, is placed in the cabin. It warns the driver of the approaching signal on the route in fog. The device will also help increase the speed of trains.

“We use GPS technology in the device with a map of rails, signals, stations and level crossing of the northern runway. It warns locomotive pilot about level crossing / signal, ”ANI cited Nitin Chowdhary, Northern Railway, CPRO for granted.

Chowdhary added: “The device gives locomotive pilot over level crossings and signal. When the driver knows there are no hurdles, you can increase the speed. "

Fog safety devices are being installed on North Indian trains by Indian Railways to increase the speed and reduce delay of trains caused by fog. (Source: Twitter / ANI)

Quoted an official, an earlier IANS report said the railroad has around 2,400 of these units in northern India, where the trains are worst-hit by intense fog in winter. He said 900 of these GPS units have entered the Delhi zone.

On Thursday too, Delhi-NCR was shrouded in a thick blanket of fog on Thursday, disrupting both flight and train connections. Around 60 trains are behind schedule, while 18 have been rescheduled and 14 canceled due to prevailing conditions, according to a report by the ANI news agency.

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