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Audio Dope - Superlunary: A Journey Through the Solar System

What is remarkable about his new album is the common thread. Superlunary is like a good story that briefly tears you out of reality. «Severance», the first track, prepares you to say goodbye (to the earth?), In «Bogatyr Ridge» the journey really picks up speed and with «Meteor» it comes to an end.

But we can hear the story of the journey into space often, it doesn't get boring. Each time we discover a new detail in the collage of instrumentals and vocal samples. With «Meteor» you are reminded of the solemn sounds of a church choir at short intervals, before instrumentals and drums start again, «So Long» begins with a kind of cracking in the line before a voice speaking from afar snuggles into the beat . And the repetitions of some rhythms, sounds and vocal samples - similar to a skilful use of language - only ensure more urgency instead of lulling us.

Like every journey, Superlunary has a dramaturgy: There are softer, more relaxed tracks, such as “Absence Of Gravity”. This is more than background music and light years away from what we already know so well - luckily. “Bogatyr Ridge” and “Chrome” could also convince in the club. It's easy to get caught up in the instrumentals and before you know it, the morning dawns.

Even if some tracks seem inconspicuous: Audio Dope's new album has a strong pull that quickly pulls us into its orbit.