How do they track their delivery boys

Delivery management is the process of moving a product from one end to the other to ensure that no damage is caused in the most effective and efficient way. Often referred to as shipping or fleet management, the question arises: How are these items transferred from point A to point B? How can you tackle the challenges of delivery management for e-commerce? B2C companies need a robust delivery system that takes care of order tracking from order pickup to order delivery in order to provide a great customer experience. This role has never been more in demand as customer expectations continue to rise. With the expansion of e-commerce, the demand for home delivery has increased and a scale delivery system is of paramount importance.

What is delivery management?

Delivery management begins after the customer has placed the order. Whether you are a small B2C entrepreneur or a multinational brand, delivery management is not that simple. The shopkeeper has to take care of the logistics, the order status, the delivery boy, the vehicle driver, the shipping costs for cost efficiency and last but not least the product condition at the time the customer arrives. You can hire a delivery manager at any time. A delivery, logistics, or shipping manager is commonly referred to as the person responsible for deliveries. The responsible delivery service is also responsible for the local delivery and the control of the driver's operation. They are also the focal point of communication between warehouses and deliveries in smaller businesses. Delivery managers prefer to focus on hot spots like overdue orders in more robust workflows where orders are processed programmatically. Various software and modules are available for delivery management that can support you in seamlessly handling the entire home delivery process. And if you have a PrestaShop or OpenCart store, you're lucky enough that KnowBand has launched the Delivery Boy app for both platforms. This will surely help your home delivery business manage it successfully.

KnowBand Delivery Boy Mobile App

The ecommerce store owners often have problems with late deliveries or problematic administration. The customer who places an order needs delivery as soon as possible. It is the main job of the ecommerce store admin to make sure that the product delivery is faster and more convenient. We offer a handy delivery boy mobile app and admin panel to make both administration and delivery easy for the user. Look at her:

PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App

OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App

Improve the delivery system using the delivery boy mobile app

Now that we have discussed the challenges and tips to overcome these issues, it is time to see the solution that is immediately available to your business. The ready-made Delivery Boy app for managing the delivery system! It can be

1. Easy configuration and customization:

You can configure the Delivery Boy in the module administration area. The app can be customized to the preferred theme and you can add a logo and your brand name.

2. Create a delivery boy profile:

Registration can be done by adding some personal details of the delivery boy such as name, email, profile picture, vehicle number, vehicle type, etc.

3. Notify with automated emails:

Once the Delivery Boy account has been set up by the administrator, the login information for the Delivery Boy app will be sent by email. You can also activate or deactivate the Delivery Boy via the admin panel (via the store admin).

4. Delivery boy can check orders

The delivery boy can check the orders nearby. Which ones are closer, how many orders are being placed and how many are actually pending?

5. Accept or reject orders

The delivery boy can accept the delivery order or if the place is not suitable or he is done with the day or in an emergency, he can also reject it with a reason.

6. Delivery of the door step:

With a contactless delivery system, you can have your orders delivered on site with simple navigation.

7. Push notification:

When the order is placed or can no longer be delivered, or when the expected delivery date has been reached, or when the order is finally delivered, a push notification should reach the customer's device. and much more. Check out this informative guide for more details.

Delivery management challenges:

There are several issues that ecommerce owners or store owners face when offering on-demand home delivery to their customers. The most annoying thing is to wait without knowing the status of your order. Some of the challenges are discussed here:

  • Incorrect tracking information - problem finding specific addresses in deliveries. No way to keep an eye on agents / drivers.
  • Delayed delivery - customers do not know the estimated time of arrival.
  • Processing of the delivery refusal by the customer
  • Missing database with deliveries, agents and customers
  • Communication with drivers / agents is difficult

You may need software that can process your deliveries to improve your delivery management system. But this program often costs you a lot of money. However, there are pocket-friendly and better solutions available on the market. Let's understand what the distribution management applications should be able to do.

Tips to improve your delivery process management

By making more deliveries with fewer resources (man hours, equipment, fuel), distributors are continuously trying to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of customer service. Delivery managers often use a variety of tools and techniques to optimize their metrics and scale their activities.

1. Set your priorities:

An easy way to plan the day is to prioritize the orders. This allows you to classify the customers or stops that need to be served based on the relevance of an order or the specified calendar date. By specifying the priority of the order, you tell the algorithm what to consider when optimizing the path. Or on the other hand, if you run into resource constraints, have orders postponed to another date.

2. Never enter commitments that are difficult to keep

Today's consumers expect accountability and are more concerned about business delivery than the pace in the promised timeframes. If these consumer expectations cannot be met, companies run the risk of damaging their image. Wrong commitments drive your customers away. You may have succeeded in achieving your goal this time. However, if you don't deliver the product on time, you lose a potential head start and affect the retention rate.

3. Take orders faster

There are many ways to collect orders faster: plan your order list in relation to the position of the goods in the warehouse, pick multiple orders at the same time (batch picking), consider how long it will take to pick products, and consider best best practice Handle different sizes of products to choose and see if people or robots can pick them up from the warehouse faster.

4. Integrate the order and vehicle tracking system

Tracking a vehicle with Google Map integration is no longer rocket science. Real-time visibility of vehicle locations can help dispatchers understand when a driver is deviating from course, saving valuable resources and avoiding costly delays. Customer support teams also use vehicle tracking to let customers know when their delivery is expected to be completed. Vehicle tracking informs you whether the driver is heading in the right direction on the way to the next delivery or not. You can even get to know the traffic information with the help of real-time tracking and geolocation information.

5. Update your delivery system with technology

Technology combined with AI improves human skills and reduces daily work. AI can optimize delivery management in a number of ways: customer service chat bots, image recognition where AI extracts information from an image, anomaly detection, quality assurance through image, video and data tracking, delivery time prediction, fraud detection cameras, delivery robots and more. You can reduce shipping costs with some pro tips discussed in my previous blog post:

6 easy ways to reduce shipping costs


In your online shop it is of course always safer to have an integrated shipment tracking system for delivery management. The PrestaShop Delivery Boy App and the OpenCart Delivery Boy App are an integrated e-commerce solution with full tracking functions, including the tracking dashboard in the backend of the module. So you never have to get out of your PrestaShop shop.