How does Amazon treat its sellers

Does Amazon always treat sellers like this?

Amazon says:
"For shrink-wrapped and / or sealed data carriers (for example CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, audio cassettes, VHS videos, PC and video games as well as software) this means that the seller, if they were sold to you as new must only be returned in the unopened shrink-wrap or with the undamaged seal. If the article is already used or opened software, the seller can also refuse to take it back if the software is not defective, damaged or deviates from the description. "

For Amazon, a shrink wrap counts like a seal for data carriers, but the seal label variant is the cheaper variant anyway.


With all due respect - but the "idea" of welding is nonsense. These are used goods - of course, the buyer can simply remove the film here to check the goods!

It is clear that the customer can check the goods and send them back if they are damaged or do not correspond to the offer. But he can also do this with shrink-wrapped and sealed new goods. This is only about a small hurdle for "normal" customers, so that not everyone, for example, plays a game within 14 days and then gives it back. Every experienced salesperson knows that the foil or seal is of no use to unscrupulous customers. In this case, faultless goods suddenly become damaged goods if the seller does not want to take them back.