Drinking water will help you lose weight

Losing Weight With Water: Does It Really Work?

Bullshit or miracle cure?

There are more than enough truths, half-truths and myths in the fitness and nutrition scene - but in which of these groups does it count? Lose weight with water? Can the so-called elixir of life really direct you to Six pack help or is it all just bullshit ?! I'll tell you here!

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Drink water and lose weight: that's why it works

In a nutshell: yes, Losing weight with water works indeed. Several studies have shown that, for example 1/2 liter of water on an empty stomach the Energy consumption pushes a whopping 24-30 percent - for 30 to 60 minutes! Experts have been arguing for years about why this is - your body probably simply uses more energy to heat the water by three to four degrees. No wonder this one The cooler the water, the higher the effect is. But that's not all why you guys Water when losing weight helps:

1. Water is filling without any calories

Water is the only natural food that completely calorie-free is. Means: You can strike here without end, your calorie account remains unaffected. By the way, it fills your stomach and takes up space that you might otherwise fill with junk food and the like.
Also will Thirst is often misinterpreted as hunger. The result: you eat and eat, but you have the feeling that you are simply not full. No wonder - you also lack fluids and no food! If you drink enough, this cannot happen to you and you save the calories. By the way, quite a few: If you replace even one glass of orange juice (approx. 100 calories) with water every day, you will save 36,500 calories per year - that's the equivalent over five kilos of fat!

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2. Water boosts the metabolism and ensures that it runs smoothly

Did you know that you are basically made of water? To be precise: Average 65 - 70 percent of the human body is made up of water! No wonder it's yours metabolism impossible to function without water. Or the other way around: water pushes your metabolism and guarantees that all metabolic processes run smoothly. In addition, it transports nutrients absorbed through food to where they are needed. Thereby regenerated On the one hand your body gets faster and you have the power to burn calories in the next workout, on the other hand it confronts him Building material for new gains to disposal. And as you know, the following applies: The more muscles, the higher the basal metabolic rate!Lose weight with water so it also works in an indirect way.

3. Water prevents food cravings

We already had: The calorie-free liquid expands your stomach and thus provides for a Feeling of satiety. It goes without saying that this will first prevent hunger flashes.

Another decisive advantage of water as quenching your thirst: In contrast to soft drinks, juices and the like, it contains no sugar and no (simple) carbohydrates, it affects yours Insulin levels so not. In other words: no roller coaster ride in blood sugar levels, no sudden ones Food cravings. Win-win situation!

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Fat away: how much water do you have to drink to lose weight?

Sure, if you tip down a glass of water once a day, it will hardly lead you to the dream body. But also the generally recommended 1.5 to 2 liters dailythat you should drink to stay healthy and fit are not enough to really lose weight, but should be a minimum for you. Experts now even advise 3 to 4 liters per day, especially if you are active in sports or move around a lot in everyday life.

Tips to Drink More Water

Does 3 to 4 liters of water sound utopian to you? No problem, with these tips you'll be able to drink enough:

  • Drink right after getting up a large glass of water on an empty stomach. By doing this, you are not just like that Fluid deficit the night, but fill your stomach and take demonstrably fewer calories at breakfast on. Lose weight with water?! Runs with you!
  • This is exactly why you should a large glass of water before each meal drink. But also during meals it says: water march.
  • Don't wait for one Feeling thirsty (which you may misinterpret as hunger!), but try to do it during the day about every half hour to take at least a sip of water. Because if you're really thirsty, it's actually too late and your body already has one Dehydration.
    The best thing to do is imagine one large bottle of water at your workplace and plan to empty it twice: once by noon, once by evening.
  • Sure, those who do sports sweat and lose more water than couch potatoes. As an athlete, you should do not only drink during the workout, but just like that before and especially after that. The following applies to sport itself: Do not drink water that is too cold, it puts unnecessary strain on the stomach. 15 degrees are ideal.
  • If water is too boring for you, spice it up with lemon peel, ginger and the like. You can find recipes for delicious vitamin water on my website.
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Lose weight with water: can you drink too much water?

Even if it is almost impossible for the average, healthy amateur athlete to drink too much in practice, a excessive drinking is actually fatal end up. Background: If you pour liters of water into you, you lower it Salt concentration in your body. Then there is no longer enough sodium in your body, as a result of which your cells take in more and more water and become larger. That hinders them Blood circulation and can be fatal. As I said, this is really the worst case. Step ahead Headache, nausea, stomach pain, and general malaise on. And even for that you have to move in the double-digit range in terms of your drinking quantity in liters. So don't panic: you tend to drink too little rather than too much!

Conclusion: lose weight with water

Lose weight with water so can really work, provided you drink (permanent!) adequately spread over the day.

In this case, an individual matter is sufficient, because yours Fluid requirements depend on many factors such as diet, body weight and height, and level of activity from. As a rule of thumb, however, you can remember that it is at least 1.5 to 2 liters, better 3 to 4 liters should be. Then water can be a useful addition to your diet, because it stimulates the metabolism, fills the stomach completely calorie-free and dampens your appetite.
Ultimately, however, as always, whether you increase or decrease depends on yours at the end of the day Calorie balance from.

Do you already have experience with that Lose weight with water made? Write me in the comments, I'm curious!

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